Buddy4YOUrope Project

Every year the University of Padua welcomes almost 2000 students participating in mobility programmes at our university. 

The first period in a new city is the most difficult for those arriving from abroad: you have to familiarise yourself with a new academic environment, a culture and language different from your own. 

Hence the "Buddy4YOUrope" project, in collaboration with ESN Padua, which gives Unipd students the opportunity to become a volunteer "buddy" and be a point of reference in Padua for those on Erasmus mobility. 

Buddy4YOUrope is a voluntary activity for which no financial compensation is provided. 

Unlike the "Tutor Buddy" activity, which is part of the Tutoring initiatives already proposed by our University for several years, this project is open to everyone,   including students enrolled in Bachelor’s degree courses.


  What is it all about?

The Buddy4YOUrope Project aims to offer local support for newcomers to Padua. 

No particular tasks will be assigned to the Buddies, they are only asked to establish a friendly contact with 'incoming' Erasmus students and to help them integrate into the city and the student community, so that they can familiarise themselves with the new context, both before their arrival in Italy and during their stay in Padua.

  Why be a Buddy?

It is a unique opportunity for intercultural exchange, allowing you to get to know people from all the countries of the European Union and thus have an international experience without moving from Padua (the so-called "internationalisation at home"). 

It is also an opportunity to practise foreign languages and acquire transversal skills ("soft skills") that may be useful in the future. 

Being a Buddy means going beyond your everyday life, creating bonds that last, having friends all over the world. 

The contribution of the Buddy is invaluable!

  Characteristics of the volunteer Buddy

  • good communicator, empathetic, helpful and curious
  • availability of some time, depending on commitments and interests, especially in the period before and immediately after the arrival of the "incoming" students
  • willingness to get involved, without formal obligations; willingness to share experiences, meet new people and make friends
  • a sufficient knowledge of English and a good knowledge of Italian

  Requirements to become a volunteer Buddy

  • Being a student of the University of Padua
  • Sufficient knowledge of the university and the city of Padua (enough to be able to help your students to get oriented);
  • Being available for the whole semester;
  • Living in Padova or being able to reach it easily to carry out the planned activities.


  • 30 June, 11:59 pm: deadline for registration
  • 20 June, 2pm: first short online info meeting
  • 18 July, 2pm: online Kick-off meeting to provide practical info needed to carry out the activity.
  • 19 July: start of the activities 
  • 23 - 29 September: Welcome Week, in-person events by ESN and Unipd
  • 30 September - 4 October (exact date to be defined): in-person event for Buddy4YOUrope and incoming students, in cooperation with ESN

  How to do it?

The registration form is available from 3 - 30 June 2024 at the webpage www.unipd.it/relint.
Click on the Menu > Progetto Buddy4YOUrope > Form di registrazione
You should login in with your Unipd SSO credentials. 

For further information and receive real time updates, join the Telegram group:  https://t.me/+_ZjuiWdUmfphMTA0

If you need assistance, email us at erasmus.incoming@unipd.it

Matches between buddies and Erasmus students will be made within 15 July 2024, based on general criteria (e.g. area of study, personal interests, languages spoken).

Watch the video presentation of the Project

Guarda il video di presentazione del Progetto