MSCA Seal of Excellence 2022

MSCA Seal of Excellence@Unipd

MSCA Seal of Excellence @Unipd Funding programme | MSCA- PF Call 2021

The fifth call for applications in the framework of the MSCA Seal of Excellence @Unipd Funding Programme is specifically addressed to researchers who, in the MSCA-PF Call 2021, have submitted a project indicating the University of Padua as their Host Institution and whose proposal, despite not being funded, has been awarded with the Seal of Excellence - MSC Actions (score ≥85). 

The call for applications aims at granting 50,000 Euros for each year of activity, for the whole duration of the MSCA-PF 2021 proposal. The budget shall be used for covering a research grant for the researcher (40,000 Euros) and research, training and networking expenses (10,000 Euros). 

MSCA Seal of Excellence @Unipd
deadline May 9, 2022 (1 p.m. Italian time zone).


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