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The University of Padua, within its internationalisation goals, is fully committed to initiatives aimed at strengthening partnerships with other universities worldwide.

Some of the main funding opportunities (internal and external) to support mobility and internationalisation projects are outlined below. 

  Venice International University

Venice International University, founded in 1995, is a consortium of 20 universities from all over the world with an autonomous campus on the island of San Servolo, Venice, Italy.

VIU fosters cooperation among its member institutions by offering students and teaching staff from all over the world training opportunities in an international context, while facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas and promoting and organising academic, research, and training/capacity-building programmes.

In this regard, VIU offers a range of funding opportunities for lecturers at member universities:

Summer Sessions: Short courses (40 hours - 6 ECTS credits + any virtual activities to be carried out beforehand), open to any subject area, to be held in the summer period, also in collaboration with lecturers from other VIU universities.

Globalisation Programme: Teaching 1 or more course units of the VIU Globalisation Program.

Intensive Graduate Activities: Intensive programmes open to students, PhD students, young professionals (Summer Schools, Graduate Seminars, PhD Academies) to be developed in collaboration with at least 2 other universities of the VIU network.

It is still possible to submit a proposal for the Summer/Autumn/Winter schools 2023 (closing date for applications 15 March 2022).

Info and call for proposals


The T.I.M.E. Association - Top International Managers in Engineering is a globally renowned forum of excellence; it gathers 57 universities in 25 different countries, including the University of Padua, with the aim of pooling their excellence in teaching and research in the engineering field to support an ambitious range of projects, such as double degree programmes for students of the partner universities.

The T.I.M.E. Association gives member universities several jointly-funded opportunities each year to support local, regional, and international projects of recognised value, as a practical contribution to the realisation and success of the project.

The list of T.I.M.E. jointly-funded projects is available on the relevant web page.

  Vinci Programme. Italian-French cooperation

The Vinci Programme is part of the Italian-French University, an institution for the promotion of university and scientific cooperation between Italy and France. The aim of the programme is to boost university cooperation between the two countries through various actions, especially by promoting joint research and continuing education programmes and encouraging integration processes with other players on the European scene.

To this end, the Vinci Programme aims to support joint and double master’s degree programmes as well as scholarships for PhD programmes, for the mobility of co-tutorship PhD students and for post-doctoral research grants.

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