Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Since its origins, in 1222, the University of Padua has considered internationalisation as one of its core values: it has always promoted international collaborations and mobility and developed an international environment within the institution itself.

The University of Padua takes any challenge and opportunity to strengthen existing schemes and collaborations or to explore new innovative approaches.

The Erasmus+ Programme perfectly fits into the institutional strategy of the University of Padua and has always supported its development in projects and mobility.

The University of Padua intends to take part in all Key Actions and further develop its participation in the programme by 10% while widening access to funding opportunities and diversifying the type of selected projects. By 2027, at least 40% of the university community is expected to benefit, directly or indirectly, from internationalisation. Procedures will be redesigned from a more digital and environment-friendly perspective.

The University of Padua will invest resources and devote trained staff in order to improve the services offered to incoming and outgoing mobility, and increase its participation in international partnerships. New approaches to mobility, such as blended mobility and Virtual Exchange, and innovative teaching methods and collaborative programmes, including joint degrees, will be explored and implemented. The positive outcomes of projects will be disseminated and the strong impact of mobility on professional and personal growth will be recognised in terms of both academic results and skills.

The Erasmus+ Programme will help the University of Padua create a widely accessible and truly inclusive learning environment, where opportunities will be at everyone’s disposal with no discrimination.

Projects and Mobility Office

International Relations Division

Palazzo Anselmi
Lungargine del Piovego 1 - 35131 Padua, Italy