Accept or decline the Erasmus place

Successful students must accept their Erasmus place on Uniweb according to the calendar indicated on this page. On the occasion that the place is not accepted within the dates provided the student will automatically be considered rejected and the place will be assigned to the next student in line, placed in the second-call or remain unassigned. Students that accept their place and then renounce it will no longer be able to participate in the Erasmus+ for studies programme in the same academic year.

In the accepting stage it is necessary to indicate the potential date of departure based on the academic calendar of the Receiving Institution. The given date will be indicated to the partner university during the ‘nomination’ period provided by the International Offices/Erasmus within Schools/Departments of the universities after the process of accepting. It is not possible to bring forward a departure in the second semester to the first.

If you encounter any problems with the process please refer to

To familiarise yourself with what to do after accepting your place on Uniweb, refer to the section Before the mobility.

  Calendar for accepting the place

Erasmus+ for studies 2024/25 Europe, Beyond Europe and Arqus Call

1st Call

  • Successful applicants: from Thursday 15th to Tuesday 20th February at 1 pm
  • Reserve-place students: from Thursday 22nd to Tuesday 27th February at 1 pm

2nd Call – vacant places

  • Successful applicants: from Thursday  2nd May to  Tuesday 7th May at 1 pm
  • Reserve-place students: from Thursday 9th to  Tuesday 14th May at 1 pm

  Declining the Erasmus place

Those who decline their Erasmus mobility place after the acceptance stage, must inform their Academic Coordinator, as well as the university abroad and they must also complete the online form on Mobility Online  by 1st September. The withdrawal form is not available from 14 March to 15 May 2024.

In the event that students decide to give up their place after the departure, if the minimum two month period (required for recognition of the Erasmus mobility) has not been completed, the Erasmus status will be void and any funding already issued to the student will have to be reimbursed. If students choose to decline their place they will be able to resubmit an application in the following year(s).

Video tutorial on the acceptance procedure 

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