International students who come to Padua to attend a whole degree programme or an exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus+) can be assisted by a Buddy, i.e. a Master's degree student who will welcome and support them during their stay. Buddies can be contacted by email or by telephone for any issue regarding the university life.

The main tasks of a Buddy include: welcoming newly arrived students, assisting them during registration and enrolment procedures, showing them the main university venues (Departments, offices, canteens, libraries, study rooms etc.).

  • Exchange students (Erasmus, bilateral agreements, double degrees): non-European and double degree students are assigned a Buddy automatically; European Erasmus students can choose to be assigned a Buddy submitting an explicit request.
  • Students enrolled in a full degree programme in Padua: they are assigned a Buddy automatically, so they do not need to submit any request.

The Buddy is provided – completely free of charge - by the Student Service Office (Ufficio Servizi agli Studenti) in collaboration with the Student Office (Ufficio Carriere Studenti) and the Global Engagement Office and he/she is supervised by one or more Coordinator(s).

  Become a Buddy!

If you are already a regulary enrolled student at the University of Padova in a second- or single-cycle (i.e. Master level) degree course, you are fluent in Italian language and you wish to become a Buddy, please check the Selection announcement for experimental and support projects published once a year on page: https://www.unipd.it/en/study-support. You will be provided with an allowance for your work, which is expected to be carried out between August-October and January-March.