Vice Rectors


Marcella Bonchio
Vice Rector for Research

Patrizia Burra
Vice Rector for Research training
Project delegate to Teachers' Training: Marina De Rossi

Francesca Da Porto
Vice Rector for Buildings and Safety
Project delegate to Logistics and Supplies: Alessandro Persona
Delegate to Safety: Riccardo Borsari

Fabrizio Dughiero
Vice Rector for Technology Transfer
Project delegate to Life Sciences Technology Transfer: Margherita Morpurgo

Renzo Guolo
Vice Rector for Work and Study Conditions
Delegate for Inclusion and Disability: Laura Nota

Rector Rosario Rizzuto (ad interim) 
Vice Rector for Lifelong learning: school, university and work place

Daniela Mapelli
Vice Rector for Teaching and Education
Advisors in charge of Innnovative didactics, Higher Education, e-learning and long-distance learning: Monica Fedeli, Carlo Mariconda

Annalisa Oboe
Vice Rector for Cultural, Social and Gender Relations

Alessandro Paccagnella
Vice Rector for International Relations

Antonio Parbonetti
Vice Rector for Organization and Management Processes
Project delegate to Information Systems: Alessandro Sperduti

Tomaso Patarnello
Vice Rector for Campus and Peripheral Structures
Project delegate to Sport, Wellness and Merchandising: Antonio Paoli

Giovanna Valenzano
Vice Rector for Artistic Heritage, Museums and Libraries


Project delegate to relationships with funding agencies:  Luciano Gamberini

Project delegate to Institutional Communication:   Telmo Pievani

Project delegate to clinical research: Gian Paolo Rossi