The University of Padua Alumni Association

Associazione Alumni dell'Università di Padova

The University of Padua Alumni Association, inspired by the motto Patavina Libertas, was founded in 2015,through the efforts of the Founding Member, the University of Padua, and the supporting Founding Member, the University of Padua Friends Association ETS, to publicise, collate and put to use the great heritage of experiences, skills and professionalism for which those who have studied or worked at the University of Padua are known throughout the world.

The Association strongly believes in the identity, sense of belonging, pride and views of all those who have lived in the academic community of Padua, building on a fruitful relationship based on sharing and discussing ideas and on mutual support.

  Who are the University of Padua alumni?

Graduates (bachelor’s, master’s/specialist, single-cycle master’s, old system), master’s graduates (first- and second-level), research doctors and graduates of the Specialisation Schools of the University of Padua.

In addition to the above, the broader network of associates also includes:

-      all those who work or have worked in the University for at least three years as professors, researchers, officials, managers, administrative, scientific or adjunct teaching staff, and who are in possession of a qualification equivalent to at least a bachelor’s degree or a previous qualification obtained at another officially recognised university;

-      all those who, holding at least a bachelor’s degree from a foreign University, have spent at least one semester of study at the University of Padua as part of mobility, international exchange or partnership programmes at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level.

  The Association goals

The Association represents this large community by:

-      enhancing, both nationally and internationally, the name and the image of the University of Padua and its graduates and increasing its ability to attract people and resources;

-      developing an organised network of relations between alumni and with the university, by constantly fostering opportunities for discussion and exchanges of experiences;

-      sharing the stories and experiences of the women and men who studied at the University of Padua to enhance the skills and knowledge acquired;

-      promoting initiatives for students and graduates such as study and degree awards to improve the skills of the University of Padua by involving local bodies and companies and the alumni who work within them to amplify their impact on the community and on society at large;

-      promoting the cultural and professional growth of alumni;

-      promoting and developing, with the contribution and support of the alumni, the University's institutional activities in research, teaching and the “third mission”.

The University of Padua Alumni Association
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