Summer and Winter Schools - Science

Summer e Winter School - Scienze

Mediterranean School of Complex Networks
Over the past 10 years, network theory has proven to be a perfect tool for modelling the structure of complex systems and the dynamic processes in which they are involved. The wide variety of applications from social sciences, technological networks, biology, transport and economics (mentioning a few examples) shows that network theory is capable of providing new approaches and solutions to different problems.

When: 30/06/2024 – 05/07/2024
WhoStudents of Master Degree Courses, PhD candidates, Young researchers (10 places reserved to UNIPD candidates)
Credits: no
Fee: 475 EUR
Where: Grado


Summer School "Photosentitive drugs: from therapies to instability, loss of activity and toxicity"
The Summer School focuses on the basic principles of photobiology and photochemistry of photosensitising biomolecules, as well as their applications in pharmacological phototherapy and photodiagnosis. In particular, lectures will focus on UV light, photomedicine, photodynamic therapy and fluorescence diagnosis, photopharmacology, photodermatology, photoprotection, light biochemistry, and drug photostability.

When: 17/07/2023 – 21/07/2023
Who: Students of Master Degree Courses in Pharmacy and Biology, PhD candidates, Young Researchers (10 places reserved to Unipd candidates in presence, no limits for the online remote participation)
Credits: 2
Fee: No fees for UNIPD participants, 20 EUR for participants from other universities. UNIPD participants are eligible for a contribution of 500 EUR for the mobility to Granada
Where: hybrid format (in presence in Granada and online)