Summer and Winter Schools - Economics and Political Science

Summer e Winter School - Economia e Scienze politiche

Research School “Law & Development” and “Human Rights & Conflict”
The Research School on Human Rights, articulated in two modules: Law and Development, and Human Rights and Conflict.
For the module 1, the idea behind the school is to provide young and promising scholars, including doctoral candidates and master-level students, with a platform to discuss their ongoing research and receive critical feedback from peers and senior academics.  The second module proposes a multidisciplinary journey at the intersection between human rights and conflict dynamics. The topic encompasses a wide range of issues, including the impact of armed conflict on the enjoyment and protection of human rights, the role of human rights in conflict prevention and resolution, the challenges of promoting accountability and justice in post-conflict settings, and the intersectionality of human rights violations in diverse conflict contexts. Also this module is tailored for Ph.D. students, Master students in the final phases of their research, and young scholars seeking to deepen their expertise in this critical area.

When: 15/05/2024 - 17/05/2024
Who: PhDs and young Researchers
Fee: No
Wher: Padua


The Ecosocial Challenge
The Summer School on “The Ecosocial Challenge: Politics, Policy, Polity” offers a series of lectures and interactive activities aimed at presenting and discussing the most relevant topics, studies and ongoing projects analyzing the social consequences of environmental policies from several disciplinary perspectives (especially, political science and sociology). More specifically, it focuses on ecosocial politics (conflicts, interests, etc.), policies (proposals, decision, etc.) and polity (public opinion, institutional structures, etc.). The Summer School adopts an interactive format combining lectures and seminars led by internationally renowned scholars in the field. Participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research. The Summer School targets PhD students and early career researchers who are working on the above-mentioned topics and is aimed at allowing for advanced exchanges and engaged interaction between students and lecturers.

When: 24/06/2024 - 28/06/2024
Who: Master students, PhDs, young Researchers
Fee: No
Where: Padua