Welcoming International students

In order to ensure the best welcome to international students, the Global Engagement Office of the University of Padua has organised several activities together with the the university departments and with other offices involved in the internationalisation process.

The most important scheduled activities are:

1. The Welcome Day, on Wednesday 23rd September at 11.00. The institutional event represents the official welcome of the most important academic authorities to international students. The event can be watched online on Facebook or at www.unipd.it/video-welcome-days.

2. The Welcome Meetings for each Course held in English. The goal is to introduce university services for international students and to detail the didactic activities for each course.

3. Weekly webinars on entry and residence procedures in cooperation with SAOS Office. These webinars, taking place every Thursday at 12.00 pm starting from September 17, provide a Q&A section and a support for filling out the residence permit request.

4. Historic and artistic guided tours realised by ESN, to let students dive into the beauty of the history and the art of Padova. Students must register for their session.

5. Campus tour to let students know the location of study rooms, canteens and the most relevant administrative and academic offices. In October.

6. Online workshops on Italian culture and language, and on interculture in cooperation with university professors. In October.

Global Engagement Office

Palazzo Anselmi,
Lungargine del Piovego 1, piano II - 35131 Padova
tel. 049.8276050