Joint and double degree programmes

Besides Erasmus Mundus, the University of Padova encourages other initiatives aimed at joint or double degrees and guarantees ad hoc scholarships for students participating in these programmes. Such international degree programmes are organised in cooperation with one or more foreign partner institutions. A mobility period at the partner university is envisaged before or after the course attendance at the University of Padova.

Upon completion of the international programme, students will obtain a double degree (two or more national degrees issued by the partner universities) or a joint degree (jointly issued by two or more of the partner universities), in compliance with the different national rules and the agreements signed between/among the partner institutions.

Bilateral joint study programmes

  1st cycle Degrees

Economics and International Management – ESC Clermont                       
Partner University
: École Supérieure de Commerce de Clermont (France)         
Mobility period
: 3rd year
Title issued
: double (Laurea in Economia - L18; Bachelor in Science of Management -BScM)

Economics and International Management – ESC Montpellier
Partner University
: École Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier (France)
Mobility period
: 3rd year
Title issued
: double (Laurea in Economia - L18; Bachelor in Science of Management -BScM)

International Business
Partner University: Manchester Metropolitan University - Business School (UK)
Mobility period: 3rd year
Title issued: double (Laurea in Economia - L18; Bachelor of Arts – Hons –International Business)

  2nd cycle Degrees

Business Administration
Partner University: École Supérieure de Commerce de Clermont (France)
Mobility period: 2nd year
Language required: English
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Business Administration ; Master Diploma Programme Grande École - PGE)

Crop and Soil
Partner University: University of Georgia (USA)
Mobility period: 2nd year
Language required: English
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Sustainable Agriculture-LM69, Curriculum Crop and soil; Master of Science Degree in Crop and Soil Sciences with area of emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture)
Contact person: prof. Francesco Morari, Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and the Environment

Deutscher Idealismus und moderne europäische Philosophie - Idealismo tedesco e filosofia europea moderna
Partner University: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (Germany)
Mobility period: 2nd and 3rd semester
Language required: German and Italian
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Filosofiche-LM 78; Master of Arts in Philosophy)
Information: prof. Francesca Menegoni, prof. Luca Illetterati, Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology

Études Françaises, Études Italiennes - Italianistica e Francesistica
Partner University: Université Grenoble Alpes (France)
Mobility period: 2nd year
Language required: French and Italian
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Filologia Moderna-Francesistica e Italianistica LM14; Master Langues, littératures, civilisations étrangères et régionales - LLCER)
Information: Mr Pietro Ficarra,  Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies

European Studies
Partner University: Uniwersytet Jagielloński – Krakow (Poland)
Mobility period: 2nd year
Language required: English
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Studi Europei-LM90; Magister na kierunku europeistyki , equivalent to a Master of European Studies).
Contact persons: prof. Elena Calandri, prof. Ekaterina Domorenok, Department of Political Science, Law, and International Studies

Génétique Moléculaire
Partner University: Université Paris Diderot - Paris VII and Université Paris Descartes - Paris V, (France)
Mobility period: 2nd year
Language required: French
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Biologia- LM6, curriculum Génétique Moléculaire; Master 2 de Sciences Santé et Applications - mention «Génétique»)
Information: prof. Barbara Baldan, Department of Biology

International Relations
Partner University: University of Wrocław (Poland)
Mobility period: 2nd year
Language required: English
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale  in Human Rights And Multi-Level Governance - LM52; Dyplom magistra na kierunku stosunki międzynarodowe - Master’s Degree in International Relations).
Contact person: prof. Paolo De Stefani, Department of Political Science, Law, and International Studies

Molecular Medicine
Partner University: Ulm University (Germany)
Mobility period: 2nd and 4th (optional) semester
Language required: English
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Medical Biotechnologies - LM9, curriculum Molecular Medicine; Master of Science in Molecular Medicine)
Contact persons: prof. Arianna Loregian, Ms Caterina Tono, Department of Molecular Medicine

Telecommunication Engineering
Partner University: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain)
Mobility period: 2nd year + 1 semester
Language required: English
Title issued: double (ICT for Internet and multimedia - LM27; Master Universitario en Ingeniería de Telecomunicación)
Contact persons: prof. Leonardo Badia, Department of Information Engineering

  Single cycle degrees

Droits français et italien - Giurisprudenza
Partner University: Université Panthéon-Assas - Paris II (France)
Mobility period: 4th and 5th year
Language required: French and Italian
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo unico in Giurisprudenza – LMG/01; Master en droits français et italien).
Contact person: prof. Laura Provasi, Department of Public, International and Community Law

Multilateral joint study programmes - Consortia

  ALGANT - International Integrated Master course in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory

The ALGANT consortium consists of eight universities on four continents and offers a two-year world-class integrated master's course in pure mathematics, with strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. The consortium is coordinated by Université Bordeaux 1 (France). The other partners are : Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands), Université Paris-Sud - Paris 11 (France), Università di Milano (Italy), Concordia University (Canada), Chennai Mathematical Institute (India), Stellenbosch University (South Africa).

Admissions deadline (2018/19 intake): 31 January, 2018

For information and application, please refer to:

  T.I.M.E. - Top Industrial Managers for Europe

T.I.M.E. is a network of 53 leading Engineering Schools and Faculties and Technical Universities which offers, through a system of voluntary bilateral agreements between its members, promotion and recognition of academic excellence and relevance to the international labour market in the form of Double Degrees in engineering and in related fields.
Students, chosen from amongst the best in their respective Universities, study for a total of between five and six years and are awarded two Masters-level Degrees from two different countries at the end of their study.
Through its double degree activities, T.I.M.E. promotes high-quality engineering education and produces graduates who are able to work transnationally and in trans-cultural environments.
For its students, T.I.M.E. develops qualities of (intellectual and physical) mobility, adaptability, openness and awareness of other cultures and realities, as well as giving an in-depth engineering education.
For its member institutions, T.I.M.E. encourages and promotes mutual academic recognition, provides opportunities for benchmarking and actively develops quality in higher education.
For employers, T.I.M.E. offers European engineers and managers trained to the highest level, adaptable, mobile, bi-cultural and bilingual: the Top Industrial Managers and Engineers of the future.

T.I.M.E. – Official Website

Currently, the University of Padova has specific agreements for the T.I.M.E. Project with the following partners:
Technical University of Denmark- DTU
École Centrale de Paris
École Centrale de Lille
École Centrale de Nantes
École Centrale de Lyon
École Centrale de Marseille
Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB) - UPC
Instituto Superior Técnico - IST

Further information: Luisa Bortolini
International Office
via VIII Febbraio 2 - 35122 Padova
Tel. +39 049 827 3062
Fax +39 049 827 3060

  Transfor-M: TRANSatlantic FORestry Master

TRANSFOR-M is a 2-year course-based Master program leading to double degrees in forestry and environmental management. It was originally funded under the Transatlantic Degree Partnership (TDP) Program by the European Commission and the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) from 2010 to 2014; this project was a follow-up of the highly successful EU and HRSDC funded TRANSFOR project (2005-2008). TRANSFOR-M student exchange continues without funding by EC and HRSDC.

TRANSFOR-M students are educated in modern sustainable forestry and environmental management approaches that are sensitive to cultural and situational differences. They acquire an enhanced global view that accommodates multi-cultural perspectives about environmental, economic and cultural issues.

Students may choose from a number of both thesis-based or course-based Master's programs of the participating departments and faculties. Each student will spend one year in Canada and one year in Europe in an English-language Master program.

Students will pay to their home institution full tuition fees and all other mandatory and required fees associated with full-time registration in the graduate program to which they have been admitted at the home institution during their exchange. When studying at the partner institution students will pay no application or tuition fees at the host university (except, if required, other mandatory fees).

Transfor-M Official website

Partner universities in Europe:

Partner universities in Canada:

Mobility period: second year
Language required: English
Title issued: double (at UniPD, Laurea Magistrale in Forest Science – LM/73).
Contact person: Prof. Raffaele Cavalli and Ms Silvia Rettore, Dep. Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry