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The University of Padua promotes student mobility towards non-European Countries within mobility agreements signed with selected Universities. The new Ulisse Programme enables students to spend a study, a thesis research or an internship period abroad at partner Universities from five different continents (Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa).
The recognition of the activities carried out abroad is ensured by the Learning Agreement. You must sign the Learning Agreement before your departure and keep it up-to-date during your mobility period.

  How to apply

To be eligible for Ulisse Programme you must be enrolled at the University of Padua in a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Single-cycle degree programmes or in a PhD research doctorate for the a.y. 2023/2024.

If you are enrolled at least in the second year of a Bachelor's degree programme or of a single-cycle degree programme, you must have accumulated at least 40 ECTS creditsIf you are enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor’s degree programme or a single-cycle degree programme, you must have accumulated at least 15 ECTS credits.

You can apply for a specific destination and financial support (see section “Grants") by submitting your application on Uniweb by 16th January 2024, 1.00 pm CET.

Some destinations may include additional selection criteria or be reserved to specific degree programmes only. For further information please check the Call for applications and the factsheets of each partner University. Please note that language requirements (in terms of certifications and level) must be met before applying.

Check out the video tutorial about the application in Uniweb.

  Duration of mobility

The mobility period may range from 2 to 12 months, depending on the chosen destination. You can spend your mobility period from 1 July 2024 to 30 September 2025 according to the availability of the host institution.


Destinations can be financed by University or Department funding.

For University destinations, the University provides grants and flat-rate reimbursements for travel expenses.

For Department destinations there are three options:

  • grants and flat-rate reimbursements for travel expenses provided by University funding (maximum 2 destinations per Department);
  • funding provided by the Department;
  • expenses to be borne by students.

The destinations with/without grants or with different kinds of grants are announced through separate Calls. All funding options for each destination as well as the degree programmes involved are specified in the factsheets annexed to the Call for applications.

  Study abroad outside Europe

Student mobility towards non-EU countries is also supported through the Erasmus+ Programme, "Erasmus + mobility for study beyond Europe Call". This call allows for a mobility period from 60 days up to 12 months per each study cycle (1st cycle: three-year, 2nd cycle: master's, 3rd cycle: doctorate). Selected students can benefit of an Erasmus+ scholarship and have the opportunity to follow courses and use the facilities of host universities without further enrollment fees. Full recognition of the courses taken abroad is also guaranteed, provided these courses are approved through a dedicated Learning Agreement.

For further information.

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