At the end of your stay - Bilateral Agreements

  Step 1: Transcript of Records

In order to request the Transcript of Records (Statement of Results), students have to fill the online form "Final Transcript of records" (see under the "International students" menu).
Once ALL exams are registered in the Uniweb Booklet, the Transcript of Records will be sent by email to the Home University; if they want to receive an original copy the can ask for it replying to the email. If students want the Transcript of Records to be sent directly to them by post, they must go to the Student Office in Lungargine del Piovego, 2  providing a marca da bollo (revenue stamp) of euro 16,00.

Students who did the final project/thesis (so-called tesi), laboratory activities, practical training (so-called tirocinio), seminars (so-called seminari) or part of exams (so-called moduli), are required to ask for the release of a certificate directly to the Professor in charge for these kind of activities.

Since thesis work, laboratory activities, practical trainings, seminars or part of exams cannot be included in your final Transcript of Records, when you’ll be back home, you will show this certificate together with your Transcript of Records.

You can download below a sample of the "Short evaluation report for thesis work".

  Step 2: Certificate of Departure

If you need a certificate of departure, or an attendance certificate stating your mobility period, please send an email to:

  (Step 3: for Medicine and Surgery students only)

Medicine and surgery students do not have to fill the online request form described at Step 1.
Exams, practical trainings and parts of exams (so-called moduli) are included in the Transcript of Records issued by the Erasmus Office at the School of Medicine (via Giustiniani 2 – Padova;