The University of Padua participates in the inter-university consortium AlmaLaurea.

Before graduation, our students are asked to fill in a questionnaire that provides relevant data to the consortium, which serves as a basis for fostering all decisional processes and activity planning, with a particular attention for all training activities and services targeted at students. Moreover, AlmaLaurea operates for facilitating and creating more equal conditions for young people to access both the Italian and the international labour market. Companies from all over the world use the AlmaLaurea databank (translated also into English) on a daily basis looking for graduates to hire.

For further information, please refer to

  Create your account on AlmaLaurea

Before finalising your application to graduate, you must create an AlmaLaurea account and fill in the questionnaire related to your degree programme. If you do not fill in the entire questionnaire, you will not be able to finalise and submit your application for graduation. Upon filling in the questionnaire, you will be redirect to your personal page on Uniweb and to finalise and submit your application.

  • Note: you are no longer required to annex the pdf copy of the receipt attesting you have filled in the AlmaLaurea questionnaire on Uniweb. You are only required to fill it in.

To update your curriculum vitae, just enter the username and password you were given when you created your account on AlmaLaurea’s website
In the case of the four-year degree programme in Primary Teacher Education please follow the related instructions.