Guided tours to Palazzo Bo and Sala dei Giganti

Guided tours to Palazzo Bo

The guided tour of Palazzo Bo includes the anatomical theatre, the Galileo Galilei’s Aula Magna, the Sala dei Quaranta (The “Hall of the Forty”) and the Aula di Medicina (where lectures on medicine were originally given). From Monday to Saturday.

Guided tours to the Hall of the Giants (Sala dei Giganti) at Palazzo Liviano

Padua City of Science, an integrated ticket

Padua City of Science (Padova città della scienza) is a new integrated ticket that welcomes both individuals and families to discover the best of what Padua has to offer at a discounted price. The integrated ticket grants access to two or three cultural sites, Palazzo del Bo, the Botanical Garden, and the Museum of Nature and Humankind.