Venice International University

The University of Padova is a member of the Venice International University (Viu) consortium: a group of universities from all over the world sharing a common campus in Venice.
These Universities devise study programs collegially to prepare their students to face the global challenges of today.

Students who choose to spend a term studying at VIU are taught to move across disciplines and through cultures with a flexibility of approach, an open mind and creative thinking.

At Viu the official language is English.

  June 10-14, 2019: VIU Graduate Seminar "How Can the Humanities Save the Planet?"

This one week seminar will explore how the humanities can help to save the planet by bringing together a number of disciplines - literature, philosophy, history, art, music, and so on - that evince a keen commitment to tackling the full range of challenges brought on by climate change.

The program is conceived as a series of morning lectures by participating faculty. Short background readings will be assigned in advance in preparation for the lectures. Discussion will follow the morning lectures. The afternoon will feature small working groups dedicated to the creation of position papers both articulating specific questions and proposing the kinds of curricular materials that would serve to answer the questions. Venice itself offers a case study in an imperiled location. Because the seminar will take place during the 2019 Biennale of Art, we also plan to make use of the many unique artistic opportunities available in the city at the time.

The Graduate Seminar is offered to both Master’s students and young researchers early in their PhD, from any discipline. Unipd students will pay no participation fees. Grant support is also available to contribute, partially or fully, to the costs of international travel and accommodation on campus in shared rooms. 

Applications via the VIU website: January 20 – February 28, 2019

Information and applications

  VIU International PhD Academy - Global Challenges Initiatives: Mobility Challenges for Future Society (deadline expired)

This PhD Academy is among the Global Challenges Initiatives of VIU. Each Academy will focus on a major societal challenge faced by humankind today, which will be addressed via multidisciplinary approaches, involving high-level speakers selected among the VIU member institutions but whose remarks will be adapted to a broad cohort of the VIU community.

This opportunity is open to PhD candidates from the University of Padova and other member universities of VIU.

Shared mobility, autonomous driving, vehicle electrification, connectivity, Internet of Things and other advances are transforming urban mobility. By setting the scene around the fast-moving trends influencing urban-mobility systems around the world, the program provides participants with advanced skills for successfully implementing PhD research projects on mobility related issues.

The PhD Academy is primarily for PhD candidates and Post-Docs from the University of Padova and other VIU's member universities. These candidates will pay no program fees and financial support is available to support international travel and accommodation costs.

Deadline to apply: January 20, 2019

For further unformation please check the VIU website.

  Globalization Program - Fall 2018

The Globalization Program brings together talented, motivated students from the 17 member Universities, which are part of the VIU consortium, in a truly multicultural, international and interdisciplinary environment.

The program is open to undergraduate and master’s students from the member universities. Each semester 140 students come to Venice to take part in VIU’s Globalization Program. The courses are English-taught by professors from the member universities and are recognized for credit. Attendance is compulsory in all courses.

The program provides a powerful learning experience in which students develop their capacity for critical thinking and creative problem solving. Students of the Globalization Program are thus better prepared for graduate and professional study and for careers in new and emerging fields.

Students registered in any degree programs at one of VIU's member universities are eligible to apply for the Globalization Program. Exchange students at Università degli Studi di Padova are also eligible to apply.

A set of core courses is available every semester, focusing on three themes:

  •  Italy - courses that showcase Venetian and Italian life, culture, art and history.
  •  Cultures of the World - courses that examine the cultures of the world; courses that make the most of the intercultural classroom.
  •  Global challenges- courses that address current, global issues, preferably from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The specialization track courses will focus on Economics, Management and Digital Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage.
The interdisciplinary courses are structured as seminars and require interaction in research, so as to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among students from different academic and cultural backgrounds.

Scholarships are available to support internships in Italy and worldwide mobility for research, and this year also to support Residency of Globalization Program students.
Students selected for the research internships and worldwide mobility are awarded a scholarship which will partially cover travel and living costs.

Registration for courses will close on September 12, 2018.

The application procedures differ depending on the student home university. 
Please check VIU website for further information.