Canteen facilities

  Canteens - General information

University Canteens
ESU canteens are near to the city centre or to the main University buildings.
A wide choice of food is available including three first courses, four second courses, side dishes, drinks, desserts or coffee. A light meal or pizza can also be purchased using a University card that can be topped up at prepayment machines located in the canteens. The charges normally vary from 2,70 euro to 4,50 euro, depending on the student’s financial situation and merit. Additional discounts are available for students eligible for or awarded study grants and for people accompanying disabled students (only if eligible for or awarded study grants). The ESU also guarantees this service to students at the University’s satellite sites (Castelfranco Veneto, Conegliano, Feltre, Rovigo, Treviso, Portogruaro, Vicenza) thanks to agreements with local restaurants and other self-service caterers.

For information on prices and discounts
Ufficio Benefici e interventi / Financial support office
via San Francesco 122, 35121 Padova
phone 049.8235672 - 5673 - 5674
fax 049.8235677

For information on University canteens
Ufficio Ristorazione universitaria / University Catering Office
via San Francesco 122, 35121 Padova
phone 049.8235686
fax 049.8235684

  Canteens - List of facilities

ESU University Canteens

Viale dell'Università, 16 (ex via Romea) - Legnaro (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8837168

Nord Piovego
Via G. Colombo 1 (angolo con via Ugo Bassi) - Padova (PD)
tel: +39 049 8071530 

San Francesco
Via San Francesco 122 - Padova (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8235688 

University Affiliated Canteens

Mensa Acli (Pio X)
Via Bonporti 20
tel.: +39 049 8762255

Self Service Forcellini
Via Forcellini 172
tel.: +39 049 8033100

Self Service Murialdo
Via Grassi 42
tel.: +39 049 772011

Ristorazione Belzoni
via Belzoni, 158
tel.: 049 8066190


University-affiliated canteens outside Padova

Self-service Casa Toniolo
Via Galilei 32

Self-service presidio ospedaliero di Feltre (i.e. at the Hospital)
Via Borgo Ruga, 30

Ristorante universitario at Censer
Viale Porta Adige 45
tel.:  +39 0425412199

Trattoria Hesperia
Piazza Francesco Crispi, 2

Self-service presidio ospedaliero di Treviso (i.e. at the Hospital)
Via Borgo Cavalli, 42

Self-service Vicenza
Contrà Barche (at “Ex Gil”)

Self-service presidio ospedaliero di Vicenza (i.e. at the Hospital)
Via F. Rodolfi 37