Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Those who support scientific research believe in the future

The University recognises the fundamental role of research, guarantees scientific freedom and promotes its development using public and private contributions, within a national and international framework.

According to the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR), the University of Padua ranks first in Italy for its quality of research

The University offers a wide range of disciplines and fields of expertise that drive excellence in research. Research is needed to create and shift new models of human understanding by integrating different departments and research fields that focus on inclusive and multidisciplinary education.  

You can support one of our projects:

UniRe - The Responsible University Project - research activities in various fields of knowledge to address the issue of discrimination and gender-based violence through a multidisciplinary approach

Bark beetle pest emergency - for research into the new emergency that is threatening our forests today: the infestation of the bark beetle, an endemic beetle that has become extraordinarily widespread in recent years

Project Wish - Women Intimate Shelter - innovative medical research project on the pathophysiological consequences of intimate partner violence on women's bodies

There are many possibilities to support research:

A doctorate is a three-year course that is accessed after a master's degree. The objective is the acquisition of advanced scientific knowledge or professionalism at the highest level.

Research fellowship
Assignees collaborate and support research activities under the supervision of a scientific supervisor.

Researcher/researcher on fixed-term contract
Researchers, selected by means of an open procedure, carry out activities in specific areas of research and teaching.

Permanent professorship naming
A ‘named professorship’ is understood to be a teaching qualification that is named according to the wishes of a supporter or supporter.

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