Moving forward together


Establishing Legacy Gifts is a long-term way of supporting the University of Padua and shaping the future.  Individuals can leave a direct impact on the future by designating a Legacy Gift in their last will and testament.

If you reside outside Italy, it is best to contact your notary/solicitor/lawyer to ensure all legal conformities before drafting a will that includes a Legacy Gift.

If you are interested in leaving a Legacy Gift for a specific University project, we are happy to discuss and make a plan to ensure all your philanthropic wishes.

How do Legacy Gifts offer a lasting impact on the University of Padua?

  • Legacy Gifts can support students with merit and financially based scholarships, provide living and transportation services, or assist with sports, well-being and mental health initiatives.
  • Legacy Gifts can support scientific research with scholarships for women in STEM fields, fund innovative projects, or provide scientific and laboratory equipment.
  • Legacy Gifts can enhance cultural heritage with the protection of historical buildings, museums, and artwork, artefacts, and scientific collections.

Please contact the University of Padua’s Fundraising Office for more information fundraising@unipd.it +39 049 8273498