The Student Office issues certificates related to students’ and graduates’ university career only if they have paid all the university fees due.

Certificates are valid and can be used exclusively in relationship between private individuals. They are issued upon payment of the revenue stamp, which is necessary both abroad and in Italy (except if fee-waivers are applicable, pursuant to Decree No. 642 of the President of the Republic, dated on 26/10/1972 and subsequent regulations).

You are required to pay a revenue stamp for each certificate you are issued (e.g. Bachelor’s transcript of records and Master’s transcript of records: two different certificates, two revenue stamps). Note that each certificate must also have one revenue stamp every four pages.

For self-certifications (which Italian public bodies as well as private ones delivering public services are obliged to accept), please refer to the specific section on this web page.

The certificate required for Italy is only valid in Italy, just as the one required for abroad is only valid abroad.

  How to apply for certificates

You can apply for those certificates by submitting the related form and following only one of the procedures listed below:

  1. At the Student Office’s help desk: usually, the certificate is issued immediately. If you nominate someone as a proxy to hand in the form, do not forget to annex a double-sided copy of your ID card
  2. Certified email: amministrazione.centrale@pec.unipd.it (only if you have a certified email address)
  3. If you are abroad, you can email the back office of your School
  4. fax: +39 049 8276434
  5. registered mail: UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PADOVA - Ufficio Carriere Studenti - Lungargine del Piovego 2/3 - 35131 Padova

If you follow one of the procedures from 2 to 5, the certificate will be sent to the address you specified in the application form. Also remember to annex:

  • double-sided copy of a valid ID card
  • revenue stamp (procedure 5) or receipt of payment by credit transfer (procedure 2, 3 or 4) according to the guidelines outlined on the related web page.

NOTE: in case of online credit transfer, do not forget to annex the receipt of payment in PDF format. The receipt is available in the archive of credit transfers of your online banking after twenty-four hours from the payment. The receipt must contain the value date, the CRO/TRN code of the transaction and the status ‘accepted/inserted’. Neither the ‘Credit transfer order’ stating ‘the transfer can be cancelled within...’ nor screenshots of the web page are accepted.

In case of international shipment (by courier or registered mail with a form of acknowledgement of receipt), delivery costs are to be borne by applicants. For further information on the exact amount, bank details and on what to write on the section ‘Reason for payment’ please email the back office of your School. Remember to write ‘Amount of certificate delivery costs’ in the subject line and to specify the shipping address in the email. If shipping by courier, your telephone number and email address are also required.

  Types of certificates issued

For enrolled students:

  • certificate of enrolment
  • certificate of enrolment and transcript of records
  • certificate of enrolment with academic years of attendance (in Italian only)
  • certificate of enrolment and tuition fees (in Italian only)

For graduates:

  • degree certificate
  • degree certificate and transcript of records
  • degree certificate with academic years of attendance (in Italian only)
  • degree certificate with tuition fees (in Italian only)