Exams and study plan


Exams are designed to test the knowledge and skills you acquired with a specific course unit. The complete list of course units for each programme is available at https://en.didattica.unipd.it/

They can be either written (multiple-choice questions, open questions, excercises) or oral, or both (in this case the exam is divided into multiple parts).

  Signing up for an exam

You must sign up for each exam you are going to take, using the form on Uniweb during the Registration Period (i.e. days/weeks before the exam), or you will never have it recorded. You can only sign up for the exams you included in your Study Plan (see below).


Italian Universities use a 30-point scale: the minum passing grade is 18/30 and the maximum is 30 e lode (30/30 cum laude).

  Exam results

The results of the exams you take are published in the section ‘Exams Results’ of your Uniweb page.

If you are not satisfied with your exam result, you have the possibility to reject it within 7 days since its publication on Uniweb, or it will be permanently recorded in your Transcript of Records. Please note that grades below 18/30 are not recorded in any case, and only the exams recorded in your Transcript will be included in your final Transcript of Records.

If you reject the grade or fail an exam, you can retake it in another session, but do not forget to sign up for it!


Each course unit is worth a certain number of credits (CFU - Crediti formativi universitari). According to the ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System: 1 CFU corresponds to 1 ECTS credit. In order to successfully complete a degree programme, you must acquire 180 ECTS credits (Bachelor's degree programmes), 120 ECTS credits (Master's degree programmes) or 300-360 ECTS credits (Single-cycle degree programmes).

Study plan

The Study Plan (Piano di studio) is the list of all the activities (exams, internships, labs etc.) you must carry out in order to earn the credits (CFU/ECTS) required to graduate.

The Study Plan can be modified throughout the year (in specific timeframes), until you register for graduation.

  Type of Study Plans

Study Plans can be 'Automatically Accepted' or ‘Requiring approval': the former allows you to choose your elective course units only among the educational activities offered by your Department/School in order to fulfil credit requirements, and it is approved as soon as you click on 'Confirm Plan' (i.e. all the activities are immediately uploaded to your online Transcript); the latter gives you the possibility to include educational activities offered by other Departments/Schools but is subject to approval by the relevant Degree Programme Board (CCS - Consiglio del Corso di Studi).

  Filling in the Study Plan

Filling in your Study Plan is compulsory. You must fill it out in accordance with the Manifesto degli Studi of your degree programme, i.e. a list of all the course units on offer for your degree programme, and the rules related to your enrolment year, which are both available on the relevant Department’s website.

Should you have any doubts related to your study plan, please contacts the Tutors of your School/Deparment.