Padova University Press

Padova University Press is the publishing brand owned by the University of Padua. Founded in 2009 to support research in all areas of study and disclose the results to members of the international academic community, it is the publishing house for all printed matter and digital media put out by the University. The publishing output of PUP is aimed at the world of research and learning, work, businesses and professions, with the intention of sharing and spreading knowledge in the possession of the University.

Publications include monographs, periodicals, manuals, conference literature, e-books and multimedia products. All publications can be purchased on-line. Certain items can be downloaded free of charge.

Padova University Press operates in accordance with directives established under regulations drawn up by the University, which define the organization and procedures for collaboration with authors. The evaluation of proposals for publication is entrusted to an Editorial Committee. Proposals must be submitted to the Committee in accordance with the conditions and procedures indicated on the site, which also carries information on the editorial standards to be applied.

Padova University Press
via del Risorgimento 9, 35137 Padova
Tel: 049.8271962 - Fax. 049.8271965