Master your Research and Training Needs

MSCA MaRaThoN will take place at the University of Padova on June 6, 7 and 8, 2017.

MSCA Marathon is organized at the University of Padova by the International Research Office and it offers the possibility to MSCA-IF top candidates to receive training in writing a successful proposal for the next MSCA-IF call with the University of Padova as Host Institution.

During the training programme researchers will get information about the MSCA-IF-2017 call and tips on drafting a successful proposal. Furthermore, candidates will have the possibility to meet potential supervisors, visit laboratories and facilities of the University of Padova and to discuss with MSCA fellows.

20 candidates will be selected by the University of Padova and will receive funding for their travel. Other 10 candidates will be admitted to the programme at their own expenses.

Application deadline May 2nd -at 13 Italian time.
Selection results will posted as soon as possible.


You can apply if on the date of the relevant deadline for the submission of IF proposals (September 14, 2017):

a. you are in possession of a PhD or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience,

b. you comply with the mobility rule of the MSCA

c.  you choose the University of Padova as your Host Institution

Please, send the following forms as pdf file to; the object of the email must be “MSCA MaRaThoN@UNIPD” (please note that all forms are compulsory).


  How to find a potential supervisor

In order to find a potential supervisor, you could have a look at the expressions of interest listed below, or you could make a search in the database of the researchers at the University of Padova.


For any other information please write to:
International Research Office