Unincontro 2023

unincontro 23

October 5, 2023, at 6:00 pm

Giardini dell'Arena di Padova, registration available by invitation only

Rector Daniela Mapelli welcomes newly enrolled students who have chosen the University of Padua for their university studies.

With institutional greetings from the Rector and Mayor Sergio Giordani, the event welcomes guests to share in their experience while recounting their time in study, research and academic life at the University of Padua.

Pietro Osti and Veronica Costa lead the meeting in dialogue with guests and with those present in Italian and English to involve Italian and international students in a unique and lively story.

Guests include:

Marco Giordani
Marco Giordani, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Engineering at the University of Padua. Prof Giordani teaches a three-year degree course in Telecommunications, Internet and Multimedia Engineering. His research interests include design and validation of protocols for next-generation cellular networks (5G/6G) and vehicular systems operating at millimeter waves.

Lucia Zanetti
Lucia Zanetti is a PhD student in Chemical Sciences at University of Padua and works with HBI Srl on the production of hydrogen from sewage sludge as a means of sustainable energies and Circular Economy. Dr. Zanetti has been recognized for her passion in science and communication with the awarding of several scientific dissemination contests.  In her free time, Dr. Zanetti volunteers in the educational and political activities in the city of Padua.

Alexandrina Mihai
Alexandrina Mihai is a student-athlete at the University of Padua, as part of the University's dual career project. While pursuing a degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, Mihai competes as a Race Walker and will be the only UniPd athlete participating with the Italian team at the FISU World University Games in China this year.

This, followed with a stand-up comedy show featuring Yoko Yamada.

Participation in the event is by invitation only for newly enrolled first year students (as per confidential email).

Following the invite-only Unincontro event, the Giardini dell'Arena di Padova will host the Academy Night from approximately 7:30pm to 10:30pm, with a DJ set to welcome all Unipd students.

It is forbidden to bring bottles or bottles in glass and alcohol.

It is not possible to bring bicycles inside the event area, but you can park in the Arena Gardens, along the fence delimiting the bike path (not passable during the evening).
We recommend access from via Porcilia for those who go to the event by scooter and motorcycle.