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Supporting the University of Padua means improving every day the quality of the teaching offer, the spaces and facilities, the development of scientific research, access to study, and the enhancement and protection of the University's immense historical and cultural heritage. These are fundamental objectives for the growth of human capital and for the development of the territory in which we live.

The University of Padua develops strategies capable of meeting the challenges of the future by encouraging investment in the university to offer better opportunities to talented scholars, preparing and training increasingly qualified people capable of dealing with tomorrow's businesses and, at the same time, making the entire territorial system more attractive.

There are many opportunities to support the University of Padua, choose the one that suits you best.
If you have proposals or do not find a project that suits you, contact the Fundraising Office by email or call us at (+39) 0498273498.

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Italian law protects the family, which always has a so-called ‘legitimate’ share at its disposal. However, there is always also a portion that can be freely allocated, for example to those who are committed to the community, such as the University of Padua.
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The donation

A donation is a disbursement made by a private individual as a gift. The will to donate is expressed in a letter of intent followed by acceptance by the University. Only if the donation is not of small value is a notarial deed required.

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Sponsorship is a form of support for the University that allows a company to associate its name with the University's image.

  Becoming a sponsor

This is an important opportunity to reach a wide audience and achieve a valuable and high-quality return on image.

Sponsorship may involve initiatives, projects and activities organised by the University in the cultural, social, sporting and other fields.
They may also consist of contributions of various kinds: money, goods, services or benefits paid in favour of the University to promote the sponsor.

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The Donor Report of the University of Padua illustrates the fundraising performance with reference to the specific activities of the Fundraising Office.
The document also includes the testimonies of donors who have supported research, students, historical and artistic heritage and cultural initiatives.