Sala dei Quaranta

The Hall of Forty (Sala dei Quaranta), located adjacent to the Aula Magna of Palazzo Bo, derives its name from the forty portraits of illustrious international scholars painted by Gian Giacomo dal Forno. Each of the scholars made groundbreaking contributions in their respective fields through their studies while in Padua and in their countries of origin. The scholars include scientists, jurists, humanists, physicians and anatomists who all lived in Padua sometime between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries. Collectively representing the international spirit of the University of Padua and bringing their scholastic intellect from Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bohemia, Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, England, Ireland, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Russia and Hungary.

The fundraising campaign came to a successfully end thanks to the numerous donors who believed in this project. The restoration of the canvases in the Sala dei Quaranta were made possible through donations from private citizens, companies, associations, club services, consulates and embassies who actively participated in the enhancement of the University of Padua’s 800 years of academic and cultural heritage.

For more information, visit the website dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the University