PhD Course

Linguistic, Philological and Literary Sciences

Thematic area Humanities
Duration 3 years
Language Italian
PhD Programme Coordinator Franco Tomasi

The PhD brings together the disciplinary competences and research strengths of the areas of Linguistics and Literary Studies at the University of Padova

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The main objective of the PhD is that of fostering the acquisition of conceptual and methodological tools alongside critical theoretical capabilities so as to allow for the construction and evaluation of scientific hypotheses that may be applied to a range of disciplines. It aims to educate scholars who will be able to conduct original scientific research at an international level in the following areas: Classical Philology; Italian Studies; English and German Linguistics, Philology and Literature; Romance Studies; Slavistics.

On a professional level, the PhD programme qualifies graduates for a career in university teaching and research and high-school teaching in the Humanities. Moreover, it prepares graduates for future cultural challenges in sectors related to: advanced teaching; research; the conservation of the cultural heritage; the management of research and cultural institutions in Italy and abroad; the establishment and development of publishing ventures; literary and scientific translation; the production of high-level school textbooks; the promotion and organisation of cultural enterprises; and finally journalism, the media, publishing and the field of digital humanities.