Call for admission to the PhD Courses 2023/24

The call for application for PhD position at the University of Padova is now published: the deadline is postponed to June 8, 2023 - 1 pm (CEST)

  Final rankings and enrollment procedure

The enrollment application must be submitted exclusively through the online procedure, which will be available from Thursday 27th July to August 11th 2023 - 12 pm (12:00 CEST). Please do not send any documents by email, they will not be taken into consideration.

  Vacant places

Following explicit or tacit withdrawal by successful candidates before the start of the course, any vacant places will be assigned to the next candidates in the ranking, according to the criteria set out in the call for admission.

Should any places with funding become available following withdrawals, the following may apply for such vacant places: winners who already enrolled without scholarship, winners of a place without funding who haven’t enrolled by the deadline for the enrolment, the other eligible candidates in the ranking. Those candidates who in the application form indicated that they competed exclusively for unfunded places cannot apply for vacant places with funding. 

Candidates with the right to a vacant place will be notified through publication of the list of replacement candidates at the address  from August 25 2023.
Candidates will be required to enrol by August 31 2023, as provided for in the call for admission.
List of replacement candidates for the vacant positions (updated version)


From September 5 2023, any further available places will be published and interested candidates must submit their applications by 8 September 2023 according to the procedure indicated. Candidates who have submitted their applications for vacant places will be contacted directly by the office and will have to complete enrolment by September 13 2023. Successful applicants without funding who are interested in a vacant place with funding may apply for a place if, within the time allowed, they have also tacitly given up a place without funding.
List of vacant places
Vacant position form

No notifications will be sent to the candidate’s home address.


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Public opening hours: Monday: 10-13, Tuesday 10–13 and 15–16.30, Wednesday: 10–13, Thursday: 10–15, Friday: 10-13

We recommend accessing the front office preferably by reservation, by booking an appointment at the following link and following the instructions on the screen.