FAQ Erasmus+ and Semp


  What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, providing opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. Erasmus+ aims at boosting skills and employability, and modernising Education, Training and Youth work.

In addition to providing grants for individuals, Erasmus+ will support transnational partnerships among Education, Training and Youth institutions and organisations to foster cooperation and link the world of Education and the labour market in order to tackle the skills gaps faced in Europe. It will also support national efforts to modernise Education, Training and Youth systems. In the field of Sport, support will be provided for grassroots projects and cross-border challenges such as combating match-fixing, doping, violence and racism.


1) May I fill the application form even though I do not have all the documents required?
No. In order to be admitted, ALL required documents must be sent through the online Application procedure.

2) Do I have to send anything by air-mail?
No. All documents have to be submitted through the online application. Language certificates may also be sent by e-mail to erasmus.incoming@unipd.it, after the application deadline.

  Identity Card and Passport

My Identity card / passport will expire before my arrival in Padova or during my Erasmus mobility, what should I do?
Submit it anyway in the Application form. As soon as you get a new document, send a scanned copy to the following e-mail address: erasmus.incoming@unipd.it

  European Health Insurance Card

1) What is the European Health Insurance Card?
It is a free card providing access to state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people insured in that country.

2) What do I have to do, if I do not have the EHIC?
You may request your EHIC to the institution in charge of the national health system in your country.

3) May I submit a private health insurance instead of the EHIC?
Yes, you may. You may upload a certificate of your private insurance policy.

4) My EHIC will expire before my arrival or during my mobility in Padova, what should I do?
Submit it anyway in the Application form. As soon as you get a new document, send a scanned copy to the following email address: erasmus.incoming@unipd.it

  Learning Agreement

1) What is the Learning Agreement?
It is the document stating the course units you are going to attend at the University of Padova in substitution of the course units you would have attended in your Home University.

2) How should I complete the Learning Agreement form?
You have to choose courses relevant for the program you are attending as well as in line with your previous studies.

3) Who has to sign my Learning Agreement?
Your Learning Agreement has to be signed first by you and by your home university coordinator. The Erasmus coordinator of University of Padova will sign it after you have completed the Application procedure.

4) May I submit the Learning Agreement if it is not signed?
No, you may not. The Learning Agreement will be accepted only if it has been signed both by you and your home university. Your coordinator in Padova will sign it after you have submitted your application.

5) When will I receive the Learning Agreement signed by University of Padova back?
You will receive it back by e-mail before the beginning of your mobility.

6) What should I write in the Learning Agreement in case of thesis or laboratory internship?
For Bachelor or Master Thesis, you may write for example “Project Work” or “Master Thesis”. For Laboratory Internship, you should write “Laboratory”.

7) May I include the Italian language course provided by the University Language Centre (CLA) in the Learning Agreement?
Yes, you may. You should write the full name of the course: “Laboratorio di Lingua Italiana – L2”. No code is associated with the course name. After successful completion of the CLA Italian Language course, you will obtain 3 ECTS.

  Transcript of records

1) What is the Transcript of Records?
The Transcript of Records is the list of grades you received at your University.

2) If I am a Graduate Student, should I also include my Undergraduate records?
Yes, you should.

3) My grades of the current year have not been processed, what should I do?
You can upload your previous grades.

4) Does the transcript have to be translated in English?
Yes, it does, unless the original transcript is in German, French, Portuguese or Spanish.

5) Should I have the transcript officially translated in English?
No, you should not. You may upload the original document and a translation in English in the same pdf file.

  Language requirements

1) Which is the deadline to submit the language certificate/s?
The language certificate/s may be submitted after the Application deadline, but they must be submitted before your arrival in Padova.

2) May I meet the language requirements by attending a language course in Padova?
No, you may not. The certificate should be sent before your arrival.