MSCA PF Fellow: Daniele La Cecilia

PDFProject:  REWATERING - REalistic WATER budgetING in protected agriculture

Daniele La Cecilia


MSCA Fellow: Daniele La Cecilia

UNIPD Supervisor: Matteo Camporese 

Department: Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering 

Total Contribution: Euro 188.590,08 

Project Duration in months: 24

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Daniele la Cecilia, Italian fellow, graduated in environmental engineering from the University of Trento. His ERASMUS student exchange at Aberdeen University shaped his mindset and his decisions for the future. He carried out his master’s thesis at Boston University, in the group of Prof. Sergio Fagherazzi, where he developed a Seasonality Index derived from LANDSAT images to detect the interactions between stream level decline and wetland vegetation change. Later, he worked with Dr. Stefano Della Chiesa on monitoring key environmental parameters in the alpine environment at EURAC Research – Institute for Alpine Environment. After that, he pursued his PhD studies at The University of Sydney in the group of Prof. Federico Maggi. During those years, he focused on herbicides reactive transport coupled with nutrient cycling in agricultural soils from plot to the global scale. Currently, he is a postdoc at Eawag aquatic research with three scientific interests: 1) state-of-the-art monitoring of plant protection products in surface water; 2) numerical modelling of groundwater resources and their sustainable management; 3) tracking over space and time the presence of protected agriculture using machine learning on Sentinel-2 images. In 2022, he was awarded a MSCA-PF for the project "REWATERING", which aims to explicitly account for the role of protected agriculture on water quantity and quality at the catchment scale. This will be achieved through monitoring studies and a novel modelling methodology. Daniele will carry out REWATERING at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Matteo Camporese.