MSCA PF Fellow: Matteo Brera

PDFProject:  DaShoW - A Darker Shade of Whiteness: The Italian Ethnic Press in Louisiana and the Making of Racial Awareness in The Gulf South (1877-1945)

Matteo Brera


MSCA Fellow: Matteo Brera

UNIPD Supervisor: Stefano Luconi

Department: Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World

Total Contribution: Euro 265.099,20

Project Duration in months: 36

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Matteo Brera holds degrees from the universities of Pavia, Edinburgh and Utrecht and worked in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Canada. Currently, he is a Research Associate at the University of Western Ontario and specializes on the transnational exchanges between Italy and North America (Canada and the American South) with a specific interest for the role played by the ethno-cultural press in the shaping of transcultural identities. He also published extensively on Italian and European literatures, Fascism and ecclesiastical/political policies of book censorship. His MSCA project, supervised by Prof. Stefano Luconi, is positioned at the intersection of diaspora studies, hierarchisation of racism, memory and the construction of the racial discourse and is relevant to understand current race, migrations, and public discourse by exploring a very under-researched aspect of the history of race relations and racism in the US.