Medicine and Surgery - a.y. 2019/20


Level: single-cycle degree (6 years)

Field of study: LM-41 - Medicine

Degree awarded: Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Start date: October 2019

Location: Padova

Available places: European candidates or non-European candidates residing in Italy: 54; Non-European candidates residing outside Italy: 9

  Course description

The Medicine and Surgery degree course will have an experimental profile, focused on one hand to use tools and teaching contents of the basic disciplines, characterized by a strong scientific value; on the other hand to an early interaction with the clinic, also through lessons and joint activities, in order to quickly achieve the basic concepts in the context of the health-disease binomial. The particular attention to the training of the student also in the communicative-behavioral and bioethical fields, as well as in the principles of health management and global health, will allow to achieve an enriched educational training essential for the new healthcare professional profile that could be useful in Europe and all abroad, as well as in Italy, for example in contexts of intervention on multicultural populations or in contexts with frequent interactions with other countries.

  Programme structure

The course has a duration of 6 years, during which the student must acquire a total of 360 ECTS, 60 of which are professional internships that are already awarded from the first year of the course.
Students can personalize their study plan with elective educational activities of particular interest for a total of 8 ECTS.

  Career opportunities

The main job opportunities for the medical doctors are represented by the possibility of carrying out his / her activity in the field of general medicine, in hospitals and in specialized public and private centers, national and international, as well as the possibility of carrying out health management activities or research in University Centers, public and private research Institutes.

  Entry requirements

The single-cycle degree foresees a programmed number of students, scheduled at national level and its access is governed by Ministerial Decree.

The number of assigned positions, the date of the admission test, the content and the procedures for the selection are defined annually by Ministerial Decree and are indicated in the admission notice.

The admission notice also reports the knowledge and skills defined annually by Ministerial Decree and the level of proficiency in English.

In order to be admitted, a Secondary High School Diploma or other suitable recognized qualification is required.

Candidates must pass an admission test in English (IMAT) and can proceed to registration according to the available positions, ranking and the achievement of a minimum score defined by the admission test.

Please check:

About IMAT:

  Language requirements

English proficiency is automatically recognized for native speakers. For non-native English students no certification is required because the scientific and technical terms used in the course access test (IMAT) are considered higher than the B2 level of competence, that is required for students wishing to undertake the course in Medicine and Surgery.


In order to apply for this degree programme and take the IMAT entry test it is required to register on Universitaly. Online application opens in July.

Please read carefully the instructions provided in the Call for applications which is published in late Spring on the University’s website.

If you are a non-European citizen residing outside Italy, please note that you must also pre-enrol at the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country of residence. This is a compulsory procedure for all applicants wishing to enrol at any Italian university. The process is overseen by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

  Tuition fees

Information on 2020/21 fees is not yet available, but the amounts will be more or less the same of 2019/20. Please check:

The total amount (€2600,00 for a.y. 2019/20) can be significantly waived based on your “Equivalent Economic Status Index – ISEE”. For further information on how to obtain your ISEE and other income-based reductions, see Funding and fees > Key Documents.

  Scholarships and fee-waivers

The University of Padova offers different types of scholarships and fee-waivers to international students.

For detailed information:


Academic Coordinator: Prof. Patrizia Pontisso

School of Medicine and Surgery: Sara Botton – Pamela Rinaudo (