Tuition fees

Call for applications for tuition fees and fee waivers AY 2024-25


Payment of tuition fees gives access to all services provided by the University of Padua.

The fee structure depends on your citizenship, country of residence and year of enrolment.

If you enrolled before the A.Y. 2022/23, the fees to be paid equal those planned for EU citizens who enrolled starting from the A.Y. 2023/24.

Fee structure for students enrolled starting from the a.y. 2023/24

  EU and equated citizens and non-EU citizens with family unit legally residing in Italy

If you are an EU or an EU-equated citizen (Island, Norway, Liechtenstein, San Marino, and Switzerland) or a non-EU citizen residing in Italy with your family unit, the total maximum amount to be paid depends on your degree programme.

  • Group A - Humanistic: € 2,700.00
  • Group B - Scientific and Primary teacher education: € 2,900.00

The above amounts can be significantly waived based on your “Equivalent Economic Status Index – ISEE”. For further information on how to obtain your ISEE and apply for the economic benefits, see the Guide

A simulator to calculate the estimated tuition fee is available here.

  Non-EU citizens residing abroad

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen with family unit residing outside Italy, the tuition fees to be paid depend on your degree programme:

  • Group A - Humanistic: € 2,700.00
  • Group B - Scientific and Primary teacher education: € 2,900.00

  Non-EU citizens residing abroad (developing countries)

If you are a citizen of a country defined as particularly poor or developing (see the full list in the attachment), the tuition fee to be paid depends on your degree programme:

  • Group A - Humanistic: € 900.00
  • Group B - Scientific and Primary teacher education: € 966.66

List of particularly poor and developing countries (M.D. 440 of 13/02/2024)
List of particularly poor and developing countries (English version)

  Tuition fees - How and when to pay

The payment is made in three instalments.

The FIRST instalment amounts to € 202.00 for first-year students of any degree programme.

It must be paid:

  • when enrolling, for new students of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes
  • by 30 September 2024, for students from the second year onwards

NB: You must pay the first instalment of your fees in order to confirm your enrolment for the academic year. If the University of Padova does not receive your tuition fee on time, you will not be able to enrol enroll and you will not have access to Unipd webmail, Moodle or any other university service.

The SECOND and the THIRD instalments are calculated according to your status (citizenship  and country of residence) and degree programme.

The SECOND instalment must be paid by 15 February 2025.

The THIRD instalment must be paid by 15 May 2025.

You can pay your tuition fees, through PagoPA, mode which is available on Uniweb ("Contribuzione"). Detailed instructions on PagoPA are available on page

  Scholarships, fee waivers and other funding opportunities

In addition to income-related and merit-based reductions, you may benefit from other funding opportunities, including scholarships and waivers.

For detailed information, please check the Scholarships and Fee-waivers dedicated pages.

  Single course units

For each single course you have been admitted to you will have to pay a fee of €222,50, which includes the regional tax and stamp duty (to be paid only once even if you are attending more course units).

For more information please check the following pageSingle course units.

FAQ on tuition fees for international students

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