Dual career student-athlete

The University recognises the dual career student-athlete eligibility for students who compete for selection as they practise a sporting discipline recognised by CONI or CIP, are represented at the Olympics/Paralympics and have achieved results of particular competitive significance.

Eligibility will be agreed if the athlete is summoned to the Italian National Team representative team, either as an overall champion or if he/she has achieved podium finishes in European or World Championships. Coaches, trainers and referees called up to represent Italy at the Olympics/Paralympics, those who play in national championships for sports clubs with which Unipd has a framework agreement and those who compete with Cus Padua in basketball and volleyball championships are also eligible.

The university may grant eligible students an annual contribution, the assignment of a tutor, the possibility of agreeing with the lecturer on a different exam date in the same session, the authorisation not to count the absence from compulsory attendance of a lesson or laboratory, psychological and motivational support, the possibility of requesting a suspension of studies for preparation for and participation in international sporting events and certification of sporting merit recognised as a student-athlete in the Diploma Supplement.

Initiatives (Italian web site)

  Dual career student-athlete 2022-2023

The application can be submitted until October 30, 2022.

The University of Padua recognizes the qualification of student-athlete to students regularly enrolled (for a maximum of 2 years in addition to the duration of the course of study) who meet both of the following requirements:

  • achievement of sports merits of particular competitive importance;
  • having passed at least 20 ECTS credits from the previous year (by 30 September 2021) for those enrolled in years subsequent to the first; passing at least 6 ECTS credits by the February exam session for students enrolled in the first year.

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