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Information, reservations and timetables:

Tours are not available on 24 and 25 December, 31 December, 1 January and during special institutional events that do not allow the regular running of activities.

The Bo Palace, the main campus of the University of Padua, is located in the city's historical center (on Via VIII Febbraio 2 - 35122 Padua).

An historical tour of the Bo Palace (Palazzo Bo - Giro storico) is available from Monday through Friday. Visitors are invited to explore the courtyards (and see the works of art on display there), as well as the "Anatomical Kitchen" and Anatomical Theatre. Other sites offered on the tour include the Galileo Galilei Great Hall (l'Aula Magna Galileo Galilei), the Hall of Forty (la Sala dei Quaranta), the Hall of Medicine (la Sala di Medicina), and the Hall of Law (Sala di Giurisprudenza). These last are subject to availability, as university activities and events are commonly held there. Please note that because the Bo Palace continues to play a crucial and operational role in the university's daily academic life, visitors to the Bo Palace are not guaranteed access to every site offered on the tours provided.

A tour that focuses on the Palace's twentieth century additions (Palazzo Bo e il '900 di Gio Ponti) is available on Saturdays, Sundays, and observed holidays. On these days, visitors can visit the courtyards (and the works of art on display there), the Rectorate (il Rettorato), the Old Archive (l'Archivio Antico), as well as the "Anatomical Kitchen" and the Anatomical Theatre. Furthermore, the Basilica, the Galileo Galilei Great Hall (l'Aula Magna Galileo Galilei), the Hall of Forty (Sala dei Quaranta), and the Hall of Medicine (Sala di Medicina) will be open to visitors.

  How to get to Palazzo Bo

The nearest airport to Padua is the Marco Polo International Airport (about 30 Km) Connections are provided by a bus service (Busitalia), running every half an hour to the Padua train Station (Trenitalia; Italo), which is close to the city centre. From there you can reach Palazzo Bo on foot in about 15 minutes. There is also a tram service - Sir 1 line - running every 10 minutes from the station to the vicinity of Palazzo Bo (Ponti Romani tram stop).

Palazzo Bo lies in a limited traffic area (ZTL) where cars are not allowed without a special permission. The nearest parking lots can be found in Prato della Valle area at the Park Rabin (15 minutes, on foot), piazza Insurrezione (often crowded) and at Padova Centro Park, near the Scrovegni Chapel.

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