Financial benefits and accommodation

To promote the right of students with disabilities to study and participate in university life, the University of Padova provides financial benefits and the opportunity to apply for the accommodation services of Padova's Regional Company for the Right to University Education (ESU).

Eligibility for these benefits can be explored in a personal interview. To book an appointment, please refer to the contact details at the bottom of the page.

(a) Form for students with disabilities
(b) Form for students with learning difficulties


Exemption and reductions

Total exemption from tuition fees is reserved for students enrolled in degree courses with a level of disability officially recognized by Italian national health service commissions between 66% and 100%, or those holding certification (see Article 3(1) of Law No. 104 of 5 February 1992). In this case, beneficiaries of total exemption need only pay stamp duty and the regional contribution for the right to university education.

Partial exemption is envisaged for students with disabilities between 50% and 65% with a means-tested income (ISEE) equal to 28,000 euros or less. In this case, beneficiaries shall be exempt from the second and third instalments of their tuition fees.

To benefit from exemption, you need to submit your application by November 30 of each academic year. You must also have requested an ISEE certificate and completed the Application for financial benefits on Uniweb. For more information on amounts and deadlines, please refer to the “Student exemption” section on the website.



Regional scholarships are awarded with an annual selection and are based on income and merit. If you have a civil disability of 66% or more, you are entitled to benefit from special criteria for the calculation of merit requirements. Scholarships are also provided for additional semesters. Your disability percentage also affects the calculation of the ISEE, as it changes the equivalence parameter.

For more details on merit and income requirements and how to apply, please go to the “Scholarships” section on the website.



The ESU of Padova offers students with motor disabilities 26 rooms in halls equipped with an adapted bathroom and room to host a companion. Two flats with smart-home technology are also available.

Visually impaired students can apply for accommodation with tactile markers, room for a guide-dog and a companion. ESU also provides accommodation for hearing-impaired students; these rooms come with fax machines and light alert systems. For more information on the various university residences and how to apply, please go to the “Student accommodation” section on the University website, or to the ESU website.

According to the law L.R. 19/1996, only people with absolute blindness, war and work disabilities and some categories of minors can obtain the regional card bearing the words "with guide", a card issued by the Province of origin. This allows you to take advantage of a special subscription for your companion as well. Those who do not belong to the previous categories mentioned, but have a disability of 100%, are entitled to a subscription at a reduced rate only for themselves.


Further information:

  • All your information and documentation will be treated confidentially and processed under current privacy regulations;
  • Certificates need be submitted once only and remain valid until they expire;
  • Reductions to student fees apply automatically to subsequent academic years;
  • Replacement certificates must be submitted as soon as possible;
  • If you have paid more than the amount due, contact Student Services, or consult the dedicated page as soon as possible to apply for your fees to be reimbursed.


Student Services Office - Inclusion

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