Supporting Talent in ReSearch@University of Padova - STARS Grants - Funding Programme for individual research projects

“Supporting TAlent in ReSearch @ University of Padova - STARS Grants” is a funding programme financially supported by the University of Padova. 

The programme encourages international, high quality, innovative and ambitious research in Padova and boosts the participation of the University in ERC calls, promoting an open and positive attitude towards international funding opportunities for basic research. 

The initiative, proposed every two years, rewards bottom-up research projects submitted by individual PIs (Principal Investigators), who are interested in  carrying out their research activities in Padova. For all candidates – applicants may or may not hold an employment contract at the University - the task is to consolidate their research curriculum vitae  in order to submit a competitive ERC proposal, choosing the University of Padova as Host Institution. 

In order to reward excellence and foster a high-level, open, transparent and merit-based competition, as well as promoting the increasingly broad participation of researchers in international competitive calls for proposals, the evaluation process and criteria of the STARS @UNIPD call will be similar to those of the ERC. The application forms themselves, even if slightly simplified, match the templates of the European Research Council.

Stars Grants 2019 call for proposals 

Stars Grants 2017 call for proposals (closed)

STARS Grants

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via Martiri della libertà 8, 35137 Padua (evaluation procedure) (application process)