Opportunities and open positions

As one of the most ancient research centres in Italy, the University of Padua strives to attract the best academics. Listed below are our main employment and fellowship opportunities for researcher staff.

Open positions

  Official Register (“Albo di Ateneo”):

It is the repository of all rulings and official decrees issued by the University of Padua and it serves as a legally binding form of public notice, in accordance with the Italian Law. It lists several vacancies and selection announcements for the awarding of research grants (e.g. “Bando di selezione per il conferimento di assegni per lo svolgimento di attività di ricerca”) and academic positions that are available here.

  STARS@UNIPD Funding Programme

The STARS funding programme is launched every 2 years (new edition is expected in 2021). It is addressed to young pioneers of frontier research, offering support to ground-breaking ideas with definite potential to turn into competitive proposals for the prestigious ERC grants. STARS grants are open to all scientific areas and will support two-year research projects to be developed in one of the 32 Departments of the University of Padua.

  Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (“MIUR”) Portal

The MIUR website dedicated to calls for research proposals provides all the information related to calls for research grants and fixed-term researchers communicated by Italian universities, public research and experimentation entities. Research grants available at the University of Padua are listed here.


Take advantage of EURAXESS and find your job in research. EURAXESS showcases thousands of vacancies and fellowships from more than 40 European countries and other regions in the world. Positions available at the University of Padua are listed here.

More information on Euraxess are available here.

  MSCA ITN – Innovative Training Networks, ESR/PhD Positions

Most recent calls for applications addressed to ESRs/PhDs within the University of Padua Innovative Training Networks are listed below. For more details, go to University page on the Euraxess portal.

PhD / Early Stage Researcher position in Research and Development for experimental particle physics in MSCA ITN “INTENSE”: A selection announcement has been published to award n. 1 research grant for the research project entitled “Mathematical modelling and simulation of drill-string systems" to be conducted at the Department of Mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Giusteri.(EURAXESS offer ID: 559017)

Other opportunities

  NOSTER & Science Microbiome Prize

The NOSTER Science Microbiome Prize has been established to reward innovative research by young investigators working on the functional attributes of the microbiota. For 2020, entrants must be younger than thirty-five (35) years of age, must hold an M.D., PhD.or M.D./Ph.D at the time of entry, and have received their degree in the last 10 years.

Application deadline: January 24, 2021
Call for application: available here

  IBSA Foundation Fellowships

The IBSA Foundation awards 5 fellowships every year, each worth € 30,000, to young researchers under the age of 40, from Universities and Research Institutes around the world, who have distinguished themselves for their skills and have ongoing projects of particular relevance in 4 areas of research, with the addition of the 2020 special edition.

Application deadline: December 31, 2020
Call for application: available here

  Azrieli Foundation Fellowships

Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship are awarded to individuals with an excellent academic track record and the potential to perform groundbreaking research, along with an intellectual curiosity that transcends their field of study.

Application deadline: November 1, 2020
Call for application: available here

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