Prize for research work on gender identity and sexual orientation issues to combat discrimination

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Living in a hetero-sexist society mainly defined by two genders is an inevitable challenge for people who do not recognize themselves in such ‘standards’. Knowing and recognising the prejudices and social stigma associated with gender diversity and sexual orientation is one of the first steps to provide increased wellbeing in society. Diversity awareness and acceptance and respect for interpersonal differences are fundamental tools to promote a constructive change, to encourage positive attitudes towards heterogeneity and to recognize heterogeneity as a source of social wealth. One of the objectives of the European Agenda for 2020, also shared by the University of Padua and, through it, by the Single Committee for Equal Opportunities, employee satisfaction and against discrimination (hereinafter CUG), is to promote inclusive societies. The CUG decided to issue a prize in order to reward research work on gender identity and sexual orientation issues to combat discrimination also this year.

The prize is awarded to researchers (Ph.D candidates, Post-Doc Fellows, scholars who gained their doctorates no more than 7 years ago) carrying out or having carried out research activities on the subject of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia in Universities or Research Institutes. Assessment should focus on scientific articles on gender identity and sexual orientation issues with practical relevance to combate discrimination, published in 2021-2022 in peer-reviewed international scientific journals or in press, in vehicular language. Applicants can’t submit the same scientific article rewarded in the previous editions prize.

Prize amount and entitlement
The prize money for the award is € 1.500, gross amount inclusive of the institution charges, and will be paid by the CUG.


Deadline: 15 March 2023

Comitato Unico di Garanzia - CUG