How to apply

Coloro che sono in possesso di un titolo di studio italiano per l’accesso al corso devono fare riferimento alle seguenti procedure:

The University of Padua welcomes applications from international students. You are considered an “international student” if you hold a non-Italian academic diploma, degree or equivalent.

Apply for a full degree programme

  Bachelor's degrees

To be eligible for admission to a Bachelor’s degree or a single-cycle degree, you need a minimum 12-year school record.

If you have been awarded a final diploma after a shorter programme of study (i.e. less than 12 years), in order to become eligible you must:

  • have attended at least 1 (in case of 11 years of schooling) or 2 (in case of 10 years of schooling) years of academic studies and passed all the scheduled exams.


  • have obtained a post-secondary qualification  in a non-University higher education institution, certifying the additional one or two years of education. 


  • have successfully completed one or two year preparatory courses (Foundation courses) to compensate for the missing years of schooling.

If in the country where you achieved your qualification a entrance exam is set for the admission to the University (e.g.: selectividad in Spagna, Prova de Aferiçao o Prova Geral de Acesso ao Ensino Superior in Portogallo, Vestibular o Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio in Brasile, Gao Kao in China etc.), you must provide also a certificate which states that you have passed that test.

The pre-school year can be considered if officially recognised in the national education path, provided that the attendance is mandatory and the programme includes the teaching of the language (reading and writing) and the fundamentals of arithmetic.


  Master's degrees

To be eligible for admission to a Master’s degree, you need a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent foreign qualification with specific curricular requirements.

  Foreign entry qualifications suitable for admission

Applicants can consult a country-based list of qualifications in order to verify whether their entry qualification is suitable to access their degree programme of interest.

  Application procedures

  •  ITALIAN-taught degree courses: applications dates vary depending on the course - check application procedures

Please note: courses at the University of Padua start at the end of September/beginning of October. Enrolment for the 2nd semester is not available.

Apply for recognition of previous studies

If you are applying for a degree course and you would like to have some of your previous studies / educational activities recognized and credited to your degree, visit the dedicated page

Apply for a single course unit

If you are you interested in attending single course units and take the corresponding exams without having to be enrolled in any degree course, visit the dedicated page.

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