Our testimonials: Zainab

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Our testimonials: Zainab


Meet our testimonials

Meet Zainab from Pakistan

Student of Developmental and Educational Psychology


"These ordinary yet impactful experiences empowered me with a thorough perspective to understand the program from a multi-layered context and consequently prepared me for a lifelong career as a researcher"


Meet Zainab

About myself 

I am a quite people-oriented person and thrive on empathy and camaraderie. My affinity towards Psychology was utterly intrinsic when I discovered its positive influence on my personality while reflecting upon something new about myself.
For the first time, I developed a profound predilection for developmental psychology in one of the courses I took at the University of Padova, which motivated me to conduct research by reading literature on the transitioning changes of each age group. Alongside this, the mobility experience is sprinkled with joy and learning. These ordinary yet impactful experiences empowered me with a thorough perspective to understand the program from a multi-layered context and consequently prepared me for a lifelong career as a researcher.

    What did you like the most about your programme? Why would you suggest it to other students?    

First and foremost, the programme prepared me for a doctorate researcher career. Additionally, it helped me learn how to create individualized intervention plans that matched the needs to promote with a focus on individuality and inclusion, which furthered my learning experience by developing both my research and intervention planning skills. I appreciate how the curriculum equips you with specialized information outside of the classroom, enabling you to use the knowledge in real-world contexts. As an illustration, I investigated classroom diversity learning opportunities in cross-cultural participatory research on adolescent well-being and expanded my learning to logically juxtapose it with discrete developmental periods, from early childhood to later stages of adolescence. Thus, I am now an independent scholar as a result of this exposure.

    Application tips: getting into a Master’s programme in Psychology might be challenging. What advices would you give to perspective students wishing to study Psychology at Unipd?    

The programme offers advanced-level classes, so getting a foundational understanding of the relevant courses available will help you get ready for the program before enrolling, especially courses on statistics and data analytics.
Another advice is to have an open perspective about your learning trajectory when you arrive. You can get all the help you need to achieve your career goals. The professors are really helpful and encouraging, and they assist you in all of your academic endeavors.

    Did you do any lab activities (or similars: such as field trips, visits and so on)? Can you describe them and share some highlights?    

I completed an internship that lasted for more than 400 hours, and I also took labs on research writing and research ethics, which improved both my theoretical and practical research knowledge.
I also took part in the class projects where, based on the sample we selected, we worked off-campus, which was a terrific opportunity to study outside of the classroom.

    Tell us a bit about student life in Padua and Italy. What do you do for fun and where are your favourite places to spend time?    

The student life is, in my opinion, fairly vigorous, particularly during the summer. My favorite sites are Portello and Prato della Valle, as these are the locations of some of my most treasured recollections. I find that simply strolling through the city is like watching a movie since you get to see its architecture, history, and cultural richness. Because it is not a very large city, you can use a bicycle to get around and wander aimlessly to explore the most beautiful parts of the city.

    What is the food like in Padua? What is your favourite Italian dish and why?    

Picking just one is challenging. My passion for food in Italy was best expressed through pasta, pizza, and gelato. Gnocchi, if I had to pick: it is a dumpling made from dough and celebrated in meals all across Veneto, where the University of Padova is situated.

    What advice would you give to potential students thinking of studying abroad in Italy?    

Make the most out of your experience, in terms of academia and personal endeavours. You will get all the support from the university administration and your particular department, so feel free to reach out to them. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, dont let it consume you; must reach out for help from the people and the university in itself

Meet our testimonials


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