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Our testimonials: Waleed


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Meet Waleed from Egypt

Student of European and Global Studies


"Whoever wants an exceptional experience will not forget their time in Padova as it mixes the Italian flavour and the international environment with students and friends from all over the world"


Meet Waleed

About myself 

My name is Waleed Ebrahim Elsharkawy, I am an Egyptian studying master's degree in European and Global Studies at UNIPD. From the beginning, I had an amazing experience of participating in real political life through elections for student representation and I won two positions as representative of my Master's degree and representative of African students in the international student council (2020-2022). Academically, I had an amazing opportunity to represent my department in summer school between Padova, Sao Paolo, and Leiden Universities in 2021 about democracy and technology in our modern politics. In addition, I participated in the spring school organized by Padova University with Humboldt zu Berlin University and other universities in 2021 about terrorism and security politics. Also, I did an amazing Erasmus program in Germany at Tubingen University where I studied political philosophy courses from April to September 2022. Professionally, the university offered me an amazing opportunity to improve my skills and character through working in the Global Engagement office in 2022, where I knew more information about the university and how the admission process is working which changed my mind through seeing the process from the two sides first as a student in 2020 and after as a member of the university from in 2022. Also, I had an opportunity to work as a Tutor for international students in the political science department in 2023. In the end, I would say Padova University changed my whole future because before coming here I wanted just to study political science but after I met my supervisor, I became more involved into political philosophy. Now I am looking for a Ph.D. in this field which I didn't imagine I would be researching, so I will keep thanking my department and supervisor for that for the rest of my life.

    What did you like the most about your degree programme? Why would you suggest it to other students?    

The most interesting aspect about the Master in European and Global Studies was the variety of courses that focused on and analysed European institutions and policies. What attract me the most however is the Decolonial Studies course which led me to figure out my future career in the field of political philosophy with my supervisor professor Mauro Farnesi. I recommend this program to students who want to know and specialize in European studies and who care about specializing in security studies.

    What advice would you give to students wishing to apply to your degree programme? Application tips    

To potential students interested in applying to the programme, I would recommend, first off, to look and read the courses in detail from the programme website to see if they are a good fit for their dreams and skills. This is very important because those aware of what they wants will arrive for sure, but if those who just want to travel and study anything will likely drop in the middle of the way. In the meantime, being a student in the political science field you must attend activities outside of the classes such as participating in conferences, summer schools, and events in political science and social science in general. Ending with an important tip, you should have a reading routine outside of your normal courses and classes that improves your analytical skills and open your mind to many topics and ideas.

    Student life in Padua: how is it like to be an international student in Padua?    

The city became my second home with many friends, experiences, and memories. Whoever wants an exceptional experience will not forget their time in Padova as it mixes the Italian flavour and the international environment with students and friends from all over the world. If I look back to see myself in 2020, I think I was a different person and the reason why I become better and more confident was because my experience here in Padova.

    What are some things people might not know about studying in Italy?    

The Italian system allows us to organize ourselves with many options and choices as here in Italy you have exam sessions throughout the year. I would say the hardest thing for humans in decision-taking process is when they have many options: we have in fact access to a lot of information and choices every day and the successful people are those who are able to focus and know how to choose in situations like these.