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Our testimonials: Umar


Meet our testimonials

Meet Umar from Pakistan

Student of Sustainable Agriculture


"Winning a scholarship for higher studies is a dream of everyone and I won the best scholarship of a top ranked agriculture university in Italy. It was a more than a dream come true for me."


Meet Umar

About myself

The most interesting experience is that I got admission in one of the best Engineering universities of Pakistan but I declined the admission offer, seeked by thousands. and changed my major to agriculture because I believe the food and climate emergency is more urgent and there are relatively lesser people in this field of study. Before that, I graduated top of the class from one of the best agriculture universities of Pakistan. I completed two internships during undergraduate in National research centers, one in soil microbiology and one in water testing lab.
During my studies I was offered the opportunity to go to the USA for one semester however I had to decline for economic reason, but now, thanks to the programme I am attending at Unipd, I will be spending one year in the USA to obtain a double degree in collaboration with the University of Georgia. I always try to combine laboratory activities by volunteering if the academic curriculum does not offer extensive activities because I always try to improve my analytical skills. For this reason, during my bachelor, I collaborated with 2 senior research students for laboratory activities in addition to my regular classes.
In my free time, I love to play sports like cricket (most of the time), badminton, football, hike and visit historical places. I also created a Youtube channel of mine which I started in my undergraduate but could not continue due to study burden however now I intend to continue it.

    What did you like the most about your degree programme?    

For starters, the basic idea of my programme is very interesting I.e. sustainability and regeneration: it teaches us how to mend our thinking and actions to save the planet. Secondly, this programme is for everyone, I have fellows from “International relations” and” mechanical engineering”. There are field trips or laboratory activities for most of the courses which is very good for learning, getting to know about the Italian agriculture industry and of course experiencing Italy.

    Why would you suggest it to other students?    

The courses are perfect balance of advance concepts and basics, professors follow a gradient which help all the students grasp the concepts easily. Lastly, our department offers the highest number of departmental scholarships which is a key for many students to study in Europe myself included. For all the above reasons, I would recommend this programme to other students.

    The opportunity of a lifetime – Padua International Excellence Scholarship    

Winning a scholarship for higher studies is a dream of everyone and I won the best scholarship of a top ranked agriculture university in Italy. It was a more than a dream come true for me. I am proud of myself for securing this and thankful to Unipd for this opportunity. Without this scholarship it was impossible for me to even think about the getting my Master’s from Europe on self-finance. I was always curious about the lifestyle of other cultures, their food, their approach to life and their laws: this scholarship gave me the opportunity to achieve every possible wish of mine about study abroad in one place.

I have been a class representative in my school and university and I really loved that responsibility because it was not just extra work, rather I was the face of my class which means a lot to me. In the same way this scholarship gave me the opportunity to represent the university instead of a class and now I am an ambassador!

I feel like my life could not be more perfect, courtesy of this scholarship.

Meet our testimonials


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