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Our testimonials: Rafael


Meet our testimonials

Meet Rafael from Brazil

Student Master Local Development


"I really like how Padova is cozy. It is moderately sized, but it is neither a small city. We can find various types of services, especially for young people, since it is a city with an important university"


Meet Rafael

About myself 

I am a second-year Local Development student at Unipd. In my home country, I studied geography. I have always been interested in the concept of territory and how we can build a promising future by valorizing initiatives from a local perspective. I like spending my free time reading, jogging, and walking around Padova’s channels. I am an extrovert person who loves to talk and interact with people. I also love sports and geography, and I believe I can combine both to achieve essential goals in local development.

    What advice would you give to potential students thinking of studying Humanities in Padua?    

I think the best advice I can give about this is to do what you like with passion. Be interested in topics that you like. Get involved in meetings, classes, events, voluntary initiatives and other projects that will contribute to the construction of a good professional and citizen. Do not be afraid to develop new skills such as speaking in public, writing a good essay, or learning a language. It might be hard at the beginning, but all of us need to start at some point.

    Application tips: how to build a successful profile    

First of all, start working on your application a few months before. Remember to follow all the requirements of the programme you want to apply for. In the application, think about combining what is in your CV, motivational letter, and letters of recommendation to pass a message.
What is the message you want to pass on to the admissions committee? How do your experiences match what the program offers? How will this experience contribute to the program? Does your experience and CV match what you wrote in your motivational letter? And last, what will you do in the future with the knowledge and expertise you expect to have from the program you chose? These are reflections that might improve the quality of your application.

    What are the best features of your degree?    

What I like the most about my programme is the international community. We (students) are from many parts of the world, and this is an excellent way to share experiences and information about other regions. Especially in our field, studying and establishing networks with people from different countries is very useful to build a future marked by respect, resilience, tolerance, and friendship.
Also, the multidisciplinary of our degree is a plus. Our professors are geographers, economists, sociologists, statisticians, etc. This broadens our possibilities inside the department and in the future as professionals. Additionally, I like when we have field trips (like the one to Marghera organized by Professor Giorgio Osti) and special lectures and discussions (like the Geographical Night organized by professors Mariasole Pepa and Chiara Rabbiosi).

    What did you like most about your time in the city?    

I really like how Padova is cozy. It is moderately sized, but it is neither a small city. We can find various types of services, especially for young people, since it is a city with an important university. The things I liked the most in the town were the channels and the transportation facilities, such as the tram lines and the cycle paths.

    What are some fun experiences you had during your stay?    

I had the opportunity to talk more about my country and my former studies at the Geographical Night in Padova. It was a pleasant experience and motivated me to keep studying and researching what I like. Also, during my studies, I had the opportunity to attend a summer school in Bucharest. This experience was unforgettable since I had the chance to learn about sustainability and the changes happening in an important country since the 1990’s.

Meet our testimonials


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