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Our testimonials: Prachi


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Meet Prachi from India

Student of Biotechnologies for food science


"When I was looking for a university abroad, my primary focus was a university that has a strong ground in the field of study I was interested in"


Meet Prachi

    What advice would you give to students wishing to study abroad? What is it like to study at UniPD?    

When I was looking for a university abroad, my primary focus was a university that has a strong ground in the field of study I was interested in. That's primarily how I drilled down from the educational standard point of view to a couple of universities in Europe (literally 2) and applied to both. I was positive to join UniPD because it had a curriculum that did fit my subject. Furthermore, there is a history of UniPD that instantly depicts the strong foundation of education... and to me that university, where I would get that foundation would always be preferred. And looking back at those years, I can clearly see that it was the right choice.

The educational structure was somewhat to quite different from my home country.
1) There is an inclination towards comprehensiveness of the course; professors like to teach in depth which make you get immersed into the topic and fully understand it.
2) Exam period is especially interesting. You have so much time to focus and prepare (even though it never feels enough to any student.. haha). Also, there is a good direction by the professor if someone doesn't do well in the exam, so he/she can prepare better next time and retake the exam.
3) It has a strong research focus for the science-based courses and that makes it a good learning.

I enjoyed going to classes, and then walking around in the city, breathing the nature and refreshing in the company of my class-mates. There were phases of fun, study, extreme-fun and intense-study, which we managed to balance well somehow. The bestest part was having some professors who were like friends to us, which made study much more engaging.. and I for sure miss those professors. Can you imagine how good it was, that someone miss going to classes ...and by the way, it is not only about UniPD, but there was also a lot because of the country, Italy, that made my time memorable.

    What was it like to study abroad (in Italy)?    

Be excited that you are going to experience friendly, party-loving, and open-hearted people. You are going to be indulged in a real Italian food feel and there is definitely a lot to explore if you are a history, art and heritage loving person. But, if you are not, the beaches and the mountains will keep your heart full.
It is not mandatory (because most of the Italians of our age speak English now), but it would be nice if you can understand some Italian, because then you will get their jokes (which are not so funny in English) and you will find it easier to blend with locals and in their culture.
One thing you should be aware of is their bureaucratic system. So, for applying for a residence permit, a healthy system, it is better to take help from an Italian or talk to the concerned department in the University, because this is a painful process, as it takes time and patience too.. haha.. you will see once you come here and Italians would agree with me on this!
When you would be new to Italy and its culture, my general advice would be: Be open minded and accepting to others preferences. Don't try to force your ideas on others. No one likes to be engaged in brain-washing sessions. Learn about them and they will learn about you - as simple as that. Be kind to others and they will be kind to you. And yes, sometimes, we take it for-granted, but in Italy (and in Europe in general), when people are grateful, they express it. So, don't hesitate to use words like 'Thank You', 'Please', 'Excuse me', otherwise Italians might think you are rude even if you are not :) Lastly, you are in Italy, just enjoy being here and explore the country and yourself too !

Meet our testimonials


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