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Our testimonials: Nini


Meet our testimonials

Meet Nini from Georgia

Second year student Master's degree in Business Administration


“Italy is an amazing country, and it gives you an opportunity to balance both studying and diving into the culture. For me the atmosphere was crucial: laid-back, very warm and on the other hand very lively. the country is so diverse, different and very unique, you are able to find everything you may think of.”


Meet Nini

    Why did you decide to study abroad in Italy?

For me Italy has always been a country of diverse beauty, rich history and culture. Architectural wanders, delicious cuisine, temper of people always attracted my attention. When choosing Italy I thought of an opportunity to explore an incredible array of heritage, learn the language which I considered very attractive, and get familiar with the culture very vibrant and very different from my own.

    Had you visited Italy before?

Before enrolling in the university, I've visited Italy just once. I've travelled in Northern Italy, including Padua. My initial motive within in regard of Padua was to see the university after I encountered it on the educational fair in my hometown. And the city immediately grabbed my attention, with its architecture, sights and convenience.

    What advice would you give to someone who is considering moving abroad to study in Italy?

I would say moving to Italy is definitely a great decision. And main thing is not to be afraid of such a decision, and try to fully experience every possibility. I would recommend to start learning the language in advance, sometimes it may be hard to find an English-speaking employees in public institutions so knowing some expressions and words would be handy.

    Have you had an opportunity to explore Italy? If so, what are some tourist experiences you would recommend?

Due to the Covid restrictions, travelling around has been harder but I had the opportunity to explore Veneto region. Since every region in Italy is unique in its own way, even within the region you can discover many amazing cities, big or small, with authentic atmosphere, breathtaking views and villas. Travelling is very convenient because of the transportation, you may just hop on the bus or train and end up in another city. Prices for train are not high, they are fast and stations are very close to the city centres. There are many tourist attractions, about which you may find information over the internet and from locals; all you need are a plan for a route and willingness, everything else is easily available.

    What is the most interesting thing you have learned about Italian culture?

It's impossible to choose "the most" interesting as the country is so diverse, different and very unique. All regions have something of their own: art, fashion, manufacturing, winemaking, gastronomy, history, landscape and people. You are able to find everything you may think of.

    What was it like to immerse yourself in the local culture?

Immersing in the culture is so satisfying also due to the mentality of the people who are so friendly, kind and helpful. Everyone is ready to share their knowledge, experience, and emotions. Even absolutely unknown people are eager to share something of theirs to help you out in different situations. The culture is so open and amicable, you get engaged and familiar very easily, it's very welcoming. Besides gastronomical experience is on another level, with the delicious and very diverse cuisine, ingredients and products across the regions.

    What have you enjoyed the most so far about studying and living in Italy?

Needless to say that Italy is an amazing country, and it gives you an opportunity to balance both studying and diving into the culture. For me the atmosphere was crucial: laid-back, very warm and on the other hand very lively (not taking into consideration times of lockdowns).

    Have you always wanted to study abroad?

I already had the idea of studying abroad when I finished school, but my decision was to finish bachelor's degree in my country and move abroad for the master. I wanted to experience international culture and to get acquainted with many people from different countries.

    How did you know about the University of Padua?

The first interaction for me with the university was through Global Engagement Office, as I met Chiara, one of the representatives, during an education fair. The encounter was so captivating that I almost instantly decided to apply for my programme! Orientation meetings and webinars organized by the office only justified the decision, as the relevant information about studies and the everyday life was given, along with experience of other students and exhaustive introduction by the coordinators of the programs.

    What about the application process?

For application process, despite being quite easy on the application platform and well outlined during meetings, I had several questions, which were quickly answered with as much details as possible, in continuous and consistent way. And actual support was evident also throughout acceptance of the offer and following steps. As for international students new unfamiliar procedures always seem tricky, the Global Engagement Office was always in touch to provide information about paperwork, scholarship documentation, deadlines and finalizing the enrolment process.

    What are you studying? Can you tell us a bit about your study experience so far?

My degree is MSc in Business Administration, following the Management study track. The program is quite comprehensive and broad, including plethora of topics supporting the main study track. In my opinion lectures are quite engaging, lecturers – very supportive, understanding and helpful; always available for clarifications, even during the exam period, trying to make it as less stressful as possible. Due to the Pandemic, lectures were conducted in dual modality, so I had an opportunity to attend on campus as well, which was a great way for socializing as all university services, including study rooms, libraries, and canteens were still available. Additionally university provides many extracurricular activities like workshops, webinars, open lectures, international projects and so on.

    How do you like to spend your free time when you're not studying?

Free time is the time to spend with friends, meeting for "aperitivo" and socializing. There are many galleries and museums to visit, many places to explore and travel. As a person who likes to wander and get lost in the streets of the city, Padua is amazing: each time I discover something new, take photos and enjoy the beauty surrounding me.

    What is living in Padua like? What is the student lifestyle like?

Padua is a city of students, there are so many occasions of meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, making friends and having fun. The city is full of little cafes and piazzas to enjoy your time; parks to have a walk; different shops and interesting little details. The location of the city also gives you an opportunity to travel around a lot.

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