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Our testimonials: Marie


Meet our testimonials

Meet Marie Louise from Philippines

Student of Master in Communication Strategies


"After more than a year of living in Padua, I can say that I’ve really come to appreciate everything about being here" 


Meet Marie Louise

About myself 

I'm Marie and I put my heart in everything I do. I'm from the Philippines and completed my undergraduate studies in Organizational Communication. After working a couple of years in advertising, I decided it was time for me to move forward with my studies and am now completing a Master's degree in Communication Strategies.

Deciding to move to Italy has been the best decision I have made for my personal life and professional career. I'm the happiest I have ever been because of the breadth of experience that moving abroad has opened my eyes to.

Having lived in Padua for more than a year now, I have a fair level of proficiency in Italian and I enjoy learning the language and the culture. In my spare time, I play the guitar and sing as well as paint and crochet.

You can check out my Instagram to see my journey in learning Italian and how life is like in Italy.

    What did you like the most about the Communication Strategies degree programme? Why would you suggest it to other students?    

The Communication Strategies degree programme equips you with the tools to practice communication in a global setting. Our classes consist of conducting research, analysing trends, and discussing relevant themes and issues that allow students to foster critical thinking. Our professors also give us opportunities to be reflective and evaluative in the learnings and assigned readings. I would recommend the programme to those who are open to learn, willing to put in the work, and prepared to develop their skills.

    What advice would you give to students wishing to study abroad?    

I have three pieces of advice for students who wish to study abroad. First, work hard and smart in advance. Developing a great curriculum vitae gives you better chances of being accepted and doing well in the programme. Second, do your research on the degree, school, and location of where you would like to study. This could potentially be your life for the next couple of years so ensure you are happy with your choice. Lastly, ready yourself with the experience of living away from home. Being in a new country, surrounded by new people, and hearing a new language can be really tough so take heart and do your best to enjoy the study abroad life.

    Do you have any tips to share about how to build a successful profile?    

Building a successful profile includes doing exceptionally well in your previous studies. It would help to participate in extra-curricular activities as well as form relationships with people who can recommend you. Writing a thoughtful motivation or cover letter also makes a difference in how your profile is evaluated.

    Why did you decide to study in Padua and how have you found the experience so far?    

I decided to study in Padua because I felt that the degree programme I chose would help me in my future career, I wanted to learn Italian, and I loved the atmosphere of a youthful city. After more than a year of living in Padua, I can say that I’ve really come to appreciate everything about being here. The size of the city is perfect for exploring on a bicycle, the location of Padua is great because it’s near other beautiful sites like Venice or the Dolomites, and the city has many spots for awesome food. Padua is also a university city so there are a lot of students to meet and events to attend during my free time.

    What are some things people might not know about studying in Italy?    

One thing is that learning Italian is essential to have a good experience as that skill allows you to connect to more people and get around more easily. Another thing is to begin processing all your documents early, whether that is submitting documents to the government offices or making appointments for the doctor, the bureaucracy is tough so it is best to get a head start.

    Have you found it easy to meet new people since starting university? How have you done this?    

There are a lot of ways to meet new people at university. There are many opportunities to chat with colleagues before or after class. There are some international groups that also organise events for students. Most of my friends are my classmates from my degree programme as well as my flatmates or people I have met at parties.

Meet our testimonials


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