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Our testimonials: Malva


Meet our testimonials

Meet Malva from Ukraine

Student of the Master degree in Molecular Biology


"Padova combines everything together: beautiful old city center, libraries, study rooms around the whole city, canteens and student's areas"


Meet Malva

About myself 

My passion about science, more specifically biology, led me to searching for degrees in Europe. My key motivation was not only the opportunity to study in a different system, but also willing to live for some time in another place and have an international experience.
And here am I now, living in Italy, pursuing my degree, and enjoying this period in Padova. One of the important aspects for me when I was looking for a place for future studies was opportunity to have balanced student's life. Of course, even now I study a lot, but nevertheless there is time for travelling, relaxing, spending time with friends.
My favourite things to do - to visit new places, discover new cities, go to the mountains, make and edit videos, read books, play board games or watch movies in a good company.
During this summer I had one more international experience as an intern in a laboratory of Karolinska Institutet, that is located in Stockholm, Sweden. I already had sufficient background of theoretical material and then it was time to have more practice with different methods.
This is my second year of master's degree and soon I will start my internship for master's thesis here, in Padova. A lot of my colleagues from my group are going to other cities and even countries to do their thesis. The good thing is that during the second semester the lectures are finished, meaning that we can dedicate ourselves for obtaining practical skills in laboratories.

    A day in the life of a UNIPD Student    

I`ll describe you here one day this semester. More precisely, Wednesday. You`ll understand later why. I like to start my day slowly, waking up with no rush and making breakfast. After this, I put my laptop and notes in a backpack and I am going outside. I am heading to a library in the city center. Some days I stay and study at home but on others, I really enjoy visiting libraries – they give me special inspiration, the atmosphere calms me down, and the change of the study place helps to concentrate better. After studying for few hours, I am going to a canteen. Lunch break is an opportunity to meet my classmates at the same canteen and chat for a while. Then we all go together to our campus to attend lectures. Usually, we have from 2 to 4 hours of lectures.
When the study day is finished, it`s time to return home. Then I cook something tasty for the dinner and just relax. But that`s not the end – for tonight I have plans with my friends because it`s Wednesday and it means students` night, time to go out, forget about all problems and have fun. One evening of the week is usually dedicated to socializing and just having rest from the student`s routine. We meet with friends in the Portello area, drink aperitivo, and enjoy each other`s company. Portello never sleeps on Wednesday night, crowds of students fill the streets, so you will always hear people chatting and laughing there.
This is what I like about Padova – during the daytime, you find students in libraries, study rooms, and even the cafeteria sitting with their laptops and notes, while during nights (especially Wednesday) you can lose yourself among other students celebrating their youth and life.

    What do you like most about the City of Padua and why? What fun things have you experienced since being here?    

For me Padova is a perfect student city. Padova combines everything together: beautiful old city center, libraries, study rooms around the whole city, canteens, student`s areas. The size is really convenient, neither too small nor too big, it does not take too long to go somewhere (especially if you are on a bike/scooter). Whenever there is a good weather outside, you can enjoy walking in Prato della Valle or visiting a botanical garden.
Most memorable nice moments for me during the last year were visiting new cities and museums, art galleries, exploring Dolomites, and having fun evenings with friends from around the world.

Meet our testimonials


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