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Our testimonials: Krystel


Meet our testimonials

Meet Krystel from Albania

Student of ICT for internet and multimedia


"I was surprised for good, how student-friendly the Italian environment is. There are a lot of merit and economic scholarships, that help ease the studies"


Meet Krystel

About myself 

My name is Kristel Çoçoli and I am honored to be one of the many international students in University of Padova. I am from Albania and I have a bachelor degree on Computer Engineering. Currently, I am  following my master degree in ICT for Internet and Multimedia, Cybersystems.

I am passionate about science, and engineering is applied science. Therefore, it fits like a puzzle to my aspirations and desires. I enjoy putting my knowledge into practice. Since I was young, I would create small ‘robotic’ prototypes with Arduino, trying to find a logical reasoning behind every result I would get. Later, in my teen years, as many other teenagers, I would play a lot of PC games like Counterstrike, DOTA, League of Legends etc. I remember admiring the work of the creators, and perceiving them as heroes. Game developers bring joy to people, and I wanted to do the same when growing up.

This is why I chose Cybersystems, specifically the Digital Arts path. This course of study gave me the opportunity to improve my mathematics and physics knowledge, as well as my coding and 3D modelling skills. There is no limit in what you can learn, because the study plan is flexible, and you can personalize it.

This dream became a reality this summer. I followed an internship as Unity Developer at Internet&Idee company. The internship process went smoothly, with the cooperation of the UniPd staff, as well as the company.

    Why did you decide to study in Padua and how have you found the experience so far?    

I decided to study in Padua because I wanted to do my master degree abroad, and while doing my research, I read the best opinions about University of Padova, and the city of Padova. This university dates back to 1222. I say with great pride that Galileo Galilei has been a professor here. That ‘sealed the deal’ for me, and I applied without any hesitancy.

    What are some things people might not know about studying in Italy?    

I was surprised for good, how student-friendly the Italian environment is. There are a lot of merit and economic scholarships, that help ease the studies. I believe that for many students, not being able to afford studying abroad, can be a dealbreaker. Here, it is entirely possible due to these opportunities. Also, another thing that surprised me was the grading system. Back in Albania, the grading system is from 0 to 10, and the lowest passing grade is 5. Here, the system is out of 30, with a lowest passing grade of 18. I remember myself, doing calculations on finding the connection between the two systems, in order to better evaluate my exam results. If you perform very well, you may even get 30 with honours, which is the objective of every student.

    A day in the life of a UNIPD student: tell us a bit about student life in Italy. What do you do for fun and where are your favourite places to spend time?    

Student life in Padua is very diverse. There are a lot of events, some of them organized by university, and some others by the students themselves. Wednesday night is the night when almost every student goes out. I usually go to Portello, which is near my department (DEI). Sometimes we take a guitar and start singing and dancing. And sometimes, other students join, creating a really warm atmosphere. I also enjoy going to Venice, it is only 30 minutes away by train, therefore it is the perfect destination for the weekend.

    What is the food like in Padua? What is your favourite Italian dish and why?    

One of the most important aspects of living in Italy is the delicious food. I already had high expectations, due to its ‘fame’, and I was not disappointed. It may sound as a cliché, but you should definitely try the pasta ‘Carbounara’. It is made with eggs, pecorino and black pepper. (in many countries, it is cooked with panna). Rule number 1 in Italy: Never say to an Italian that Carbonara is made of panna, because you will become their enemy. I learned it the hard way.

    Have you found it easy to meet new people since starting university? How have you done this?    

Due to University of Padova being one of the best universities in Europe, the city of Padua is full of students. Therefore, it is really easy to make new friends, besides the classmates. People are really approachable and kind. You get to exchange cultures, ideas, as well as help each-other on course related activities.

    What advice would you give to potential students thinking of studying abroad in Italy?    

My advice to potential students thinking of studying in Italy, would be to choose University of Padova, because it is a beautiful enriching experience. I would also encourage them to apply for the scholarships, and for the international mobilities. Our university offers opportunities in many countries, and a lot of students, even some of my friends, are now abroad enjoying their Erasmus experience. We will not be students all our life, therefore these are once in a lifetime opportunities.

    What did you like the most about your degree programme? Why would you suggest it to other students?    

As I mentioned above, my degree program is Cybersystems. I like the flexibility of the study plan. We all are different students, with different future aspirations, therefore, our course interests differ. I like that even though we are in the same master degree, none of us has the exact same study plan. Some have focused more on Cybersystems, some others on Telecommunications, some on ICT for Life and Health. I am not forced to study courses that are less relevant to my desires. That has made my journey here even smoother. Professors treat us as colleagues, cooperating with us, and giving us constant advice. I would highly suggest University of Padova, especially if you are looking for a diverse student life, with a perfect balance of studying and entertainment.

Meet our testimonials


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